Monday, July 21, 2008

Paul Harvey

I had an opportunity to listen to Paul this morning when I went to the store. A nice treat.

Do any of you listen to him on any kind of regular basis? I used to, when I was driving a taxicab.

Don't look for more than one post a week by me with Paul Harvey as the subject. It's just that his entreaty this morning was more than I could handle without posting it.

His wife, "Angel", died earlier this year, and Paul's been left on his own as a new bachelor trying to cook. He needs two recipes:

1. Overcooked beef liver ... "Whaat!" you say? Yes, you read right. Evidently he overcooked some beef liver, and wants somehow to be able to 'save' it in edible form. He said he thought he remembered that one of the Campbell's soup can (mushroom?) labels used to have a recipe for that, but he can't find it.

2. Pickled pig's tongue ... Again, I'm not joking. I've been listening to him for many years now, and he sure sounded serious to me!

SO, if any of you gourmet chefs out there have a recipe and/or solution for his dilemma, please send them to ''.

I checked and yes, indeed, there is such a website! Among other things, it lists radio stations that carry his broadcasts. You can even listen if you prefer. My goodness!

If you do a Google Search for his name, you will see mentioned a sponsored link for ocular nutrition. Have no idea how valuable this might be. Probably worth a look-see.


Chuck said...

I, too, love listening to Paul and have missed him during this long absence. We heard his first report Saturday but missed today's. Ellen and I have been speculating that he may be retiring or semi-retiring and handing off/selling his expansive "listenership" to a successor, but maybe not yet. hope not yet.

Craig Peihopa said...

Hmmm as a person on the other side of the world and not familiar with Paul Harvey, it would appear that for anyone who actually wants to keep and re-eat over cooked liver and pickled pigs tongues there is some real lonliness of good food withdrawals right there. Is there a Dr. in the House?

Goldenrod said...

Chuck, I thought I heard Paul say Friday in a taped bit that he intended to continue with the show. Am pretty sure that his wife's death threw him for a loop there for awhile. It was not unexpected, but still. Anyway, I think he is planning to go on.

Craig, there's a very nice writeup about Paul in Wikipedia. You might, if you have the time, want to check it out. I've never met him, but he seems to be a VERY nice man. Certainly, he has a most enjoyable radio show. As far as the recipes he wants are concerned, I'm with you!! He even repeated "pickled pig's tongue" slowly and carefully, enunciating each word so that there could be no misunderstanding. I had trouble believing he was serious, but I'm pretty sure he was.