Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Life is like a rodeo

"Life is like a rodeo, That ride can throw you around
It can take you to the heavens or send you crashing to the ground
And it's not a dress rehearsal, it's learning as you go
And I'm just another rider in this electric rodeo."

Those are the words from a Lee Kernaghan song. Wonderful lyrics, aren't they?

Lee is an Australian country music singer, and you can find a more extensive writeup about him, in addition to listening to one of his ballads, on Craig Peihopa's site, here.

Craig had the singular honor, just within the past couple of weeks, of being named one of the designers of a pair of jeans for next year's "Jeans for Genes" auction, almost all of whose proceeds go towards research into genetic abnormalities.

Just yesterday (or maybe the day before), he triumphantly wrote about his completed design after a 3-hour marathon burst of creative energy. Earlier in the same post, he had blabbed the name of the renowned person who would be wearing the jeans, and you have the name above.

Craig is never one to toot his own horn. Rather, he's like a little kid who gets excited about the smallest little thing and then has to go around telling everybody. I find him quite refreshing.

I came to know about Craig, initially, by 'cruising the net'. (And yes, he's one of those princes you sometimes find after kissing an infinitesimal amount of toads!)

Since then, Craig and I have become good cyberspace friends, and I invite you to acquaint yourself with a young, enthusiastic, and very talented man!


Craig Peihopa said...

I am humbled and grateful at your latest post. Many thanks.

LovinLK said...

Lee is indeed an extraordinary entertainer and person. A brilliant songwriter who inspires people and whose heart of gold in charitible efforts for so many good causes. Lee is a man of purpose and a wonderful ambassador for Australia.

His influence has also landed on American shores. I'm a good example. I love all of his music and have to have that angelic voice the CD player all the time. He is an amazing talent that America has never seen, unfortunately. Maybe one day his music will be released here where he will make an incredible amount of new fans who will love and admire him as I do.

For more information on Lee, I invite you to read the almost 700 articles posted on my fan site for Lee at http://groups.msn.com/LeeKernaghanFans and to join the site and add to our discussions on Lee and our admiration for him. Just let me know you're a fan and why you're joining (to avoid spammers).

This site is one of the most comprehensive sites on the web with an enormous amount of statistical information, awards, song lyrics, discography, photos posted by loving fans, and all the articles.

You could have not chosen a more perfect person to admire. And he looks great in those tight jeans ... we need more of his gene pool in the world. Lee is a true hero we are all so very proud of.

A better Australian of the Year could have not been chosen. Lee is humble and so adorable at the same time.

Goldenrod said...

Craig, I don't think I did you justice with this post. I apologize. I'll try and do another one down the road when, hopefully, I'll have my mind more focused on the topic.

Not trying to put "lovinlk" or Lee Kernaghan down, by any means, but this post was inspired by YOUR very joyous post a day or two ago, when you had put together -- in a 3-hour marathon of creative frenzy -- a design for Lee's jeans that you were just tickled to death with! I was attempting to get my readers to join in my happiness at your achievement, but I did not write it well at all. I'm sorry.

Craig Peihopa said...

Goldenrod, it's all good. It is always interesting and refreshing to see ones self through the eyes of another. I write mainly for myself, the fact that anyone else resonates or appreciates what I write is a gift. Thank you.