Sunday, July 27, 2008

An introspective

This is my 200th post. That seems just incredible to me! I thought I'd share with you a more intimate glimpse of Goldenrod.

I'm a loner.

I haven't always been so, but I am now. While I very much enjoy blogging and interacting with others in cyberspace, the key word here, I guess, is space. I do so in my own way and on my own time.

I really don't remember a period in my life when I have been so content. I go to bed when I feel tired, wake up whenever, post when I have something to say, watch my favorite programs on TV (always while doing something else, normally word puzzles or dishes, but it could be dreaded paperwork -- balancing the checkbook or paying bills, for example) ... not much mention there -- none, actually -- of a social life.

I am multi-faceted.

I used to call myself a "Jill", as in "Jack of all trades".

There are a HUGE number of things that interest me, only a few of which I am currently engaged in. (I kind of like that fact, actually. Means I always have something to look forward to. I am never bored!)

I love to dance, altho I haven't done so in many years -- would probably fall down after the first few steps due to my leg muscles being unused to such exertion. Ex-hubby used to say dancing with me was 'like having a feather in his arms'. He meant it as an extreme compliment, and I will always treasure that memory.

I have a fairly extensive stamp collection, which I haven't even looked at in years! It's a combination of everyone else's in my family except Dad's. He was never interested in philately. I should probably try and sell it. I mean, seriously try and sell it on eBay. (I tried -- somewhat half-heartedly, some years back, to sell my duplicates. Not on eBay. I wasn't into the 'computer thing' then.)

I like to bowl. Still have my ball and shoes. Now, that is a social activity. I should probably look into that. There's an alley quite close to me, actually. I wonder if they have senior leagues? I wonder if I could get up again after completing my follow-through in a less than fully upright position?

Floating is fun. I love being in a pool late at night looking up at the stars. I could probably save myself in an emergency with a combination of swimming and floating, but I have never been anything approaching a good swimmer. I have a passable sidestroke. For quite a few years after I first purchased my townhouse, I would go to the community pool after dark. Can't do that anymore. They lock it up now. I miss it. I could drive out to DD's and use their pool, but then I'd wake up the whole family. They have a dog who gets very excited when visitors come to the house.

I very much enjoy reading. Mysteries and suspense, mainly, altho historical fiction and autobiographies are also of interest. Satire, particularly Carl Hiaasen's, is fun. Not much on romance. Science fiction, horror, and vampires of any sort are almost never on my list. Very little in the way of poetry or essays. I miss reading. Am waiting until I get my leather recliner. Then I'll be reading a bunch!

I enjoy vicarious living.

My imagination, in particular, likes to wander around here, there, and everywhere as I am reading a novel or listening to a good story. I don't need pictures to influence me. In fact, much of the time I'd prefer they not be included.

I have a few dislikes that I make every attempt to avoid as much as possible.

House-cleaning. Shopping of any kind. Sitcoms with canned laughter. Negative news. Politics. People who feel some sort of intrinsic need to put others down in order to build themselves up. Reality shows, with the exceptions of American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

I am anal-retentive.

I am a little like one of my contemporaries, who said in the foreword to one of his latest entries, "Let it be known that hardly a word exists from the rough draft of this poem except perhaps 'a', 'and', and 'the'." I'm not quite that bad, but close!

What I have tried to do here is truthfully tell you a bit more about me and where I currently 'am'. Many interests were left out that have been written about extensively in previous posts. No psychoanalysis has been attempted. (Thank goodness! I am not qualified to even try to do so.) You can probably draw some of your own conclusions, if you've been following my posts for more than a month or two, some of which might even be correct!

So, there you have it. My 200th post, such as it is.


Tammy said...

And here's to the next 200 posts we will all enjoy reading! ;)

Love ya Goldenrod!

Craig Peihopa said...

Let me echo Tammy's great message Goldenrod. Congratulations. It is a real milestone. What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing a little more of you with us who visit here. I have become very interested in your wisdom and especially your musings and interests that you share in your posts.

My 200th is 15 odd posts away, but I applaud your sharing and once again, thank you.

Chuck said...

Keep up the great posts, and here's to 200 times 200 more!

"Satire, particularly Carl Hiaasen's, is fun."

I agree, he is very good. We have about 8 of his books.

Michael said...

I would say that the author in question, if he only retains "a", "and", and "the", is not being very retentive at all. But perhaps I'm being a wee bit senstive. Enjoyed the post.

Goldenrod said...

Thank you all for your thoughtful comments! This post took MANY hours to write, off and on, from start to finish. I would find myself going back and adding a word here, deleting a word there, delighting in a particular word or phrase here, and absolutely disgusted with a different word or phrase there.

Chuck, just the very thought of 40,000 posts exhausts me!

And Michael? Of course you're a 'wee bit sensitive'. You're a poet, right? Stay sensitive! We need you.

steven said...

hey goldenrod congratulations and thankyou for the 200 posts so far. you're a fascinating writer with great insight and a really good sense of humour and humility! i love visiting your blog for its mix of your memories and thoughts and i look forward to hundreds and hundreds more posts!!
steven (aka the golden fish)

Goldenrod said...

Thank you, Steven, for your kind words. Am very glad you are enjoying my posts. Right back atcha!