Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An added comment on "Dreams"

I keep notebooks filled with the names of books I've read. They're listed alphabetically by author. Then, on each page I'll list the titles, dates of publication, add a few notes and sometimes a rating or two.

Well, in researching to find the book title for a post I intend to begin shortly after publishing this one, I came across a quote I thought you might like to ponder.

It's from "A King's Ransom" by James Grippando, published in 2001, page 50.

"Some people find meaning in dreams. I usually dismissed the good ones as wishful thinking and the power of suggestion; the bad ones I chalked up to stress, anxiety, and the power of indigestion."


Craig Peihopa said...

I wish I knew how to read dreams. I think or believe that some of the dilemmas we face have answers from within ourselves. If only I could tap into that understanding.

Goldenrod said...

Your dream about Lionel Richie has maybe just a touch of 'wishful thinking' about it. The story about a former playboy bunny was not the LEAST bit amusing.

I dream a LOT, Craig, and some of these are precursors to the future. ANYhoo, glad to hear that you are alive and well!

Craig Peihopa said...

hehehe about the playboy bunny. I wouldn't actually know about the bunny's, being that I am not even a casual glancer at such paraphernalia, BUT if you were talking about the dream with Sandra Bullock well now then you have caught me out!
Too Funny!

Someone who claimed to be able to read dreams once said that when I have so many dreams WITH famous people suggested the way my life would be heading in, and I had not met any at that stage when she mentioned her observation, but I have certainly realised that now, and it continues to grow.