Sunday, July 13, 2008

Astros, potato salad, and watermelon

Well, the Astros are going to lose their mooring spot at the very bottom of the National League's Central division if they're not careful. They've now won two games in a row. Oh, no! Thank goodness it's All-Star break time.

This coming weekend, beginning on Friday, the Cubs will be in town and then our place will become more firmly anchored as they beat our you-know-whats big time!

I have never been a Cubs fan. I really dislike it when the opposing team's fans outnumber yours on your own field and, unfortunately, that has been the case here in Houston for many many years. I would imagine that this weekend will see an absolute 'sea' of red at Minute Maid Park.

At least they don't have that extremely annoying and irritating 'tomahawk chop' and chant!

Anyway, I made some potato salad today for the first time in several years. Managed to put more than a good-sized dent in it while I watched the 'Stros. Yummy!

The last time I made potato salad was when I was in Memphis visiting a special friend. We were going to be having some company over for dinner, conversation, and cards. Butch was busy vegetable chopping and doing his 'thing' with the grill (he's quite adept in the kitchen).

Friends arrived, dinner was served, and the next sound I heard was something like "Yech!". Three of us turned to stare at the 'yecher' who was busy spitting MY potato salad out of her mouth! (?)

Turns out she's allergic to eggs. I always put eggs in my potato salad. Doesn't everyone? (Rhetorical question, only.)

My 'feast' ended with a bunch of watermelon. Double yummy!! I am now out of watermelon, but still have a bunch of Bing cherries to savor. Those'll do me until I get back to Randall's on Tuesday.

SO! How was your day?


Tammy said...

Potato salad's no good without eggs.

Gonna share the recipe???? ;)

Chuck said...

Go Cubs, GO! (Sorry!)

Patrick said...

Hey, now. I like my tomahawk chop and chant, thanks. :-)

Goldenrod said...

Recipe, Tammy? Surely you jest. In case you're not, however, take however many boiled potatoes you want (sliced/cut/cubed how you like them in your potato salad); add enuf hard-boiled eggs to your liking (cut/diced/whatever); some slivers of onion; dill pickles (cut/sliced/diced/whatever); salt/pepper/garlic powder or cloves (again, 'whatever'); mush all together with a little of the liquid from the dill pickle container and there you have it!

The beautiful thing about making potato salad is that you can 'taste as you go' ... if you need to add something, add it. So, start off a little on the conservative side.

OK now, for Chuck (who is a rabid Cubs fan) and Patrick (who is from the lovely state of Georgia), I have nothing of any lasting significance to add except "Boo!" and "Hiss!" :P :)

(My mother always used to put little chunks of celery in hers. I never have, because then I have to pick little pcs. of celery out from between my teeth for days!)

Goldenrod said...

Whoops!! Tammy, I forgot to add that all of that stuff is mushed together with mayonnaise -- again, to one's personal taste.

Goldenrod said...
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Tammy said...

Yup, sounds just like my recipe. :) I had to ask though, as my mother in law's is completely different, and so is my friend, Amy's.

I'm going to have to make some this week.....haven't had it in a while and it does sound yummy! Especially with the watermelon.

Goldenrod said...

This is going to be my LAST try at this!!

Do you know what I have discovered?? I have an absolute abHORrence of these little teeny tiny comment boxes!!!

You can't see enuf of what you're saying to adequately proofread it before you hit the 'publish' button, and then you're "SOUL", brother!

"SOUL" = (my meaning, only) "shit out uv luck".

In my first (published) response to three different commentors (I hope you will forgive me for using my own spelling here?), I began with Tammy, who was the first one "on". After I composed responses to Chuck and Patrick, and before I hit the 'publish' button, I remembered that Mom had always put small chunks of celery in her potato salad, and thereby included the parenthetical 'aside'.

I'm sorry, guys, I'll try and do a better job of (both) composing AND proofreading!

Oh! Something else I have to say. I didn't mean 'mushed', I meant 'mooshed'. You understand the difference, I hope?

Goldenrod said...

Hey, Tammy! DON'T 'moosh' the watermelon in with the potato salad, OK? (I know, I know, it'll all get mooshed later in the tummy, but that's different!)