Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just delicious

A couple more dreams to share with you. I'm having some good ones right now ... hope my subconscious stays in this positive mood for a long time!

First off, two of my blogger friends who have been 'smitten' with each other decided to get married. That was neat!

The second one just blew my mind. I couldn't wait to run in here and try it to see if it actually worked! (It doesn't.)

Someone with an ingenious mind needs to invent this ... BIG $$$ involved, I bet! (I want a 10% 'idea' fee*.)

You run your cursor over a saying, quote, or paragraph. Let it linger for a second or two while a gazillion data banks are searched. A rectangle (superimposed) will then briefly appear citing the original author, date, and source.

Does that blow your mind, too??

*[The '10% idea fee' comes to mind directly from the quote, "Genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration." You're entitled to your 90%.]

Will probably do another post later. Got to check all my favorites first.


KJMBroyles said...

have you ever thought of creating a side list link to your favorite blogs? I would love to see some of the ones that you talk about. Just a thought.

Goldenrod said...

It would be too long, Judy. But yes, I've thought about it. Check the labels for "I recommend" ... you'll find some of them listed and even talked about in some detail there.

I ALWAYS try to give credit where credit is due in my posts with highlighted links. If there's one (or more) that you have questions about, just shoot me an e-mail, OK?