Friday, July 18, 2008

A little of this, a little of that

Yesterday I published "Bits and pieces" in which, if you read the original (which didn't get extensively re-written and edited until very late last night), you may have been offended.

I invite you to read it again. You might be a little surprised at the extensive changes. (Posts like these should probably never be published until the author has had a chance to calm down. Not only was I very upset, but I was uninformed -- my own fault. I have kept a copy of the original as a personal reminder to do a draft, only, next time!) Some of the bracketed comments in italics are me talking to myself.

Someone else of note had a birthday yesterday, and his name was unintentionally left out of my newsy tidbits ... ... Art Linkletter. Remember him? Turned 96!

I've got a cute story for you, one that reminded me of Art Linkletter and all the fun times he had with small children on his radio and television shows. Remember his book, "Kids Say the Darndest Things"? I looked him up in Wikipedia, and that's how I discovered his birth date. Happy belated birthday, Art!

(A father is telling this story) ... "I was out with my oldest daughter, age 5, earlier this week at a function that really required a lot of relative quiet and good behavior. She actually did quite well, but as we were walking from one room to another, I reached for her to hold my hand, and she wouldn't do it....gave me that 'I'm big enough to not need you to direct me' look. When we got in a more private place, before we headed into the next room, I leaned down and told her sternly, 'In the future, when I tell you to hold my hand, you do it, OK?' She nodded her head in understanding and then asked, 'Daddy, is the future in that room?'"

All-Star break is over. The Cubs are in town. Here's a quote from the Astros' home page in re this series: "After a tough first half, the Astros will have a chance to make up ground on the National League's Central Division-leading Cubs tonight ....." I don't think so! (Of course they'll have a 'chance', but the adjective used should probably be "fat".)

Gotta go. Judge Judy's show is just finishing up, and then the news comes on.

There's a tropical disturbance in the Caribbean that hasn't yet been named by the National Hurricane Center. Tracking predictions as of a few hours ago had the thing crossing the Yucatan Peninsula and then into the southern Gulf of Mexico.


Tammy said...

Art Linkletter....I actually thought he'd already passed away, so this was a nice surprise to learn he's still around.

Funny, funny man. Or was it the kids he interviewed that were funny? Doesn't was a great combination.

I had a yellow hardbacked book titled "Kids Say the Darndest Things" by it a good half dozen times. Wish I still had it. ;)

Goldenrod said...

Me, too. According to Wiki, he had a mild stroke earlier this year.

Nancy said...

I like that anedote!