Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Big 'C' (update)

A few days ago I posted a fairly lengthy story about my blogger friend, Judy, on how she intended to shut down her site because, she said, she had nothing good to say and she wanted to conserve what energy she had for her husband and their 3-year-old daughter.

Some of you took the time to leave really heartfelt comments on my post. I want all of you to know that Judy read them and felt the warmth of your caring.

Well, I have NEWS!

She's still posting.

On June 30th ... "What's Next" ... a projected calendar of 'events'.

On July 1st ... "Not much to say today" ... all over the place with lots to say, as it turned out.

On July 2nd ... "They call me Chernobyl" ... almost upbeat.

On July 2nd ... "results are in already".

I'm going to let you read these for yourselves. You deserve it. Just let me tell you, tho, to be prepared for GOOD NEWS!!! Her blog site is titled "places unknown", and here's the link.

Jo, Whalechaser, Craig, and Steven ... all of you had a part in helping her feel loved and not alone. Thank you for joining me in caring.


Tammy said...

Oh that is just fabulous!

Goldenrod said...

I'll tell you, Tammy, that is exactly the news she needed!

Craig Peihopa said...

WOnderful news. Each of us need some reinforcement and a whisper in the ear often to remember how life is and how important it is to feel connected to one another. I am so glad for you and for each person who reaches out to another, both made more complete in the process...Thanks dear lady