Saturday, July 12, 2008

Commentator vs. Commenter vs. Commentor

Wiktionary defines "commentator" as a person who comments; especially someone who is paid to give one's opinions in the media about current affairs, sports, etc.

Also (!) in Wiktionary, the word "commenter" is found. Supposedly it replaces "commentator", which is now 'obsolete'. (RRivit!!)

I propose a compromise, "commentor", whatcha think? In fact, I might decide to continue to use this spelling until it's commonly accepted. (Fat chance, right?) Actually, I have a personal problem with 'commenter'. To me, it looks too much like 'cementer', and the two DEfinitely are not the least bit similar in meaning.

Moving on.

The conservative world, of which I usually tend to be a part, lost one of its favorite 'spokespersons' (I wouldn't want to be caught publishing an obsolete, personally unacceptable, or not-yet-in-common-use word!) very early this morning.

Tony Snow, a name some of you might recognize from a couple of years back as President Bush's press secretary, was a voice I looked forward to hearing every weekday on talk radio. (This was when I was driving a taxicab and listening to the radio a lot.)

I very much admired the way he treated his callers, always with the utmost respect. If there was disagreement, he would often say, after some exchanges when it finally became apparent that no mutual understanding was going to be reached, "We will agree to disagree, but we will do so agreeably."

He described his assignment in the White House as "the most exciting, intellectually aerobic job I'm ever going to have." Me? I enjoyed getting a visual of the man and parTIcularly savored his apparent ease in sparring with reporters' oft-repeated 'dumb' (and often intrusive and obnoxious, in my opinion) questions.

I miss you already, Tony. I know you gave it your best effort. God's getting a good one!

Folks, we lost another one a touch later this morning. This name, that of Michael DeBakey, is known world-wide as a pioneering heart surgeon.

The thing I am most thankful for is that he was honored while he was still alive for his life-long achievements.

I hope that all of you will join with me in prayer for these two good men and their many family members and friends who are mourning as I write this post.


Tammy said...

A loss.....I'll have to head from here to my favorite news pages.

By the way, "We will agree to disagree, but we will do so agreeably," is a great quote.

Goldenrod said...

Yeah, it is, and it is exACTly what he said!