Saturday, July 3, 2010

Along the Way .. #4

Hi, all!

Just a short post to let you know that I am in Amherst, NH, with my family, safe and sound.

I arrived yesterday, late afternoon. Started driving Wednesday from Wooster, OH around 4:30pm, right after playing a session of duplicate bridge, and just kept on driving every time I woke up from a short nap or resting a few minutes with my eyes closed until - finally - I could not force another driving muscle to move even one more inch and pulled over at a rest stop about 70 miles away from Troy, New York at 6:30am Thursday morning, where I actually got a couple of hours of sleep in a car that was almost toasty warm with the morning sun streaming in the windows.

Started a post about that drive last night, but then realized I couldn't finish it because I didn't have all my data in hand and organized.

There will be several more posts in this series .. at least five or six, I would imagine. So, look for those. Think you'll find them of interest. And, perhaps you'll get a laugh or two.

Meanwhile, I'm ok. How are you doing?