Monday, September 29, 2008

Politics and me

I have published 282 times this year (this will be the 283rd), 12 of which are labeled, "Politics". This will be the 13th.

I've said, over and over again, how much I dislike thinking, talking or writing about -- in fact, even being involved in at this point in my life -- politics. So why am I about to publish another on this subject?

The answer lies in yesterday's post -- or rather, in the comment section to that post --, where I included (from Charles Osgood's report) the fact that "those poor weary congressmen" had finally come up with a tentative agreement. I meant the 'poor weary' phrase to be of a facetious nature.

I have precious little sympathy for how tired they might have been. It's about time they started working on some of the more important problems in our country. That's pretty much how I felt when I wrote it.

I could have linked Polimom's post of the 22nd, titled "Throw the bums out!", but I didn't. I didn't want the focus to be on politics any more than absolutely necessary.

However, one of my readers and regular commentors picked up on the tentative agreement reached between the two major parties in re the 'bailout' of the banking and mortgage industry and "went out on a limb" (her words) to express her opinions.

I could have treated her comment in a couple or three ways: 1) Not responded at all. 2) Found some way to make a light, offhand response and let it go at that. 3) Taken it seriously (as she meant it) and responded in kind.

I chose door #3. Took me a while to compose my remarks. She has since added an extensive comment to which I have yet to reply. I will, but not until after this post is completely finished.

First, tho, I thought I should probably review all that I had written and published under the "Politics" label, and so I did. Less than 5% of my posts relate directly to politics, and I found some that I didn't even remember writing!

All of them are linked below, in chronological order, with a note or two accompanying each link. Ready? Here we go ... ...

Presidential election campaign, 2008 ... 1/29/08 ... includes some discussion of Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Barack Obama and Obama's subsequent 'welcome with open arms'.

Getting involved ... 2/14/08 ... first-hand knowledge. Texas as a "grass roots" state. Written as a direct result of my daughter's wanting to 'get involved' and one of her reader's comments.

A child ... is an adult ... 2/26/08 ... about DD's voting record, and some history of ex-husband and me getting involved in politics when we lived in Indiana.

Random thoughts ... 3/22/08 ... included a comment or two on the very brief discussion a couple of my old-timey taxicab customers and I had on the NY governor's office 'stink' and background checks on candidates for high-powered positions in general.

Polls ... 3/26/08 ... "listen to your heart" was the message I was trying to get across.

Another rant ... 5/06/08 ... on school board elections.

What's currently going on in my life ... 5/07/08 ... the second section of that post is where I commented on a PBS documentary that I had watched and thoroughly enjoyed ... my remarks included the Bush presidents (#s 1 and 2), Ross Perot, and Bill Clinton.

A microcosm ... 6/25/08 ... Although this post began with the gawdawful floods in Iowa, the crux of my point was in the comments section (elaborated on in the post itself) ... the term "microcosm" was meant to illustrate, at least in part, how quick we seem to be in this country to place "blame" on someone/something/somewhere else.

POWS ... 8/27/08 ... latter part of this post refers to the Democratic National Convention ... four pretty good paragraphs in there, including another zap at Ted Kennedy, and an honorable mention for Joe Liebermann.

Scattered thoughts and comments ... 9/06/08 ... I had a lot to say about lobbying and lobbyists, and threw in a couple of comments about pork barrel spending and rewards.

Cutting through the B.S. on Sarah ... 9/19/08 ... a verbatim account of an e-mail I received. I stated, in my response to a comment, "... IF McCain is elected President, she will almost completely disappear from the picture entirely!"

Yesterday's post was the 12th. I'll be adding a response somewhat later in the comment section to that post. Just now, tho, I'd like to take a little breather.

One added note before I finally finish and publish this post. If you have taken the time to follow any or all of the above links and read (or reread) them, you might have noticed that I said, more than once, I didn't think I would be voting this year.

I have changed my mind. I WILL be voting this year. I will be publishing, probably within the next week or two, my reasons.


Chuck said...

"I have changed my mind. I WILL be voting this year."

Good for you! No sense in disenfranchising yourself. That, unfortunately, happens to enough people already without their consent.

Goldenrod said...

I think it was the TERribly long primary 'season' that turned me off so badly, Chuck. And now this latest Congressional fiasco ... it's just too much!

Goldenrod said...

You and Ellen were very smart to remove yourself from all that (expletive deleted) for as long as you did.

By the way, good luck to your Cubbies!