Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another day, another bank

I thought this made the fourth name change for my bank since I first set up a checking account many years ago, but I can only find checks dating back to three.

A question for self, "Self, why are you keeping checks from 30 years ago?!?"

As soon as I finish this post, I think I'll go through them and start pitching. I intend to soothe myself while going through this thankless task by listening to wonderful music.

Then there's the question of how to get rid of them without allowing someone else the opportunity to steal my identity. I don't have a paper shredder. Do you? Oh well, I'll think of something. A bonfire would be nice, but then the police or fire department would be called, wouldn't they?

Never mind, I've just had a stroke of brilliance. I'll burn them in the fireplace! Problem solved.

The fact that I'll have to get new checks printed is a no-brainer. As soon as all the dust settles, I imagine I'll be receiving instructions in the mail for those.

My one real concern is that of the direct deposit of my Social Security check, which has been set up for quite some time now.

I don't know if JP Morgan Chase (my new bank name) automatically plugs those types of changes into their system or not. Tried to reach a real person a short while back to ask that question, but that option has been removed from their telephone menu.

I imagine that today the branch nearest me, if open, will be just flooded with customers asking questions, so I'll wait until Monday (maybe even Tuesday) and go over mid-morning. That ought to be good.

I don't like change. I understand all that about how change is inevitable, change is good, change means you're still alive and kicking, etc., and blah, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, does it?

Certainly am not fond of all of the changes that have been, are, and will continue to be occurring to my getting ever more ancient body!


Tammy said...

JP Morgan Chase, JP Morgan Chase, JP Morgan Chase...sheesh...WaMu was so much easier to remember!

I'm waiting for the dust to settle also before I go in to our branch looking for answers to what this all now means........

Was horrified to see my (our, lol) bank's name all over the front page of the Yahoo news page yesterday.....

Goldenrod said...

This is just too much, Tammy!

What time of day were you born, anyway? Are you sure we're not twins?? :)

I'm still writing checks -- not many, less than five at this point -- because I haven't been told NOT to, have you?

Tammy said...

I'm just using my debit card at this point. Haven't had it declined for any reason yet, and hoping it will continue to work til they issue us new ones.....