Sunday, September 7, 2008

Did you know ...

... that today is National Grandparent's Day?

... that the name 'Uncle Sam' was first coined on this date in 1813?

... that the word 'blog' is shortened from 'weblog'? In particular, I like the part of Wiktionary's definition that says ... "... especially as dealing with reflections or opinion, and typically incorporating links to other articles." Well, shuckeydurn! That's mine in a nutshell. Whodathunk it?

I hope mine is not a 'blahg' (dull and uninteresting)! I wonder if I'm a 'blogoholic' (a person addicted to blogging)? Or a 'blogophile' (a person who is fond of or obsessed with blogs or blogging)? I'm probably a blogophile. Certainly I enjoy the 'blogosphere'! Mine is not a 'gophlog', 'photoblog', or 'vlog', and most definitely not a 'splog' (a fake blog used to generate link spam)!!

... that the word 'y'all' is currently in a transition phase? All y'all know that that phrase is how I like to use the plural form. In other words, I like to say that 'y'all' is singular, and 'all y'all' is plural.

At the present time, of course, my usage is incorrect. Ask me if I care.

... that I cannot find a reference for the phrase 'fixin' to', which is in common usage in the South, particularly here in Texas. It means 'getting ready to' or 'about to', such as ... It's fixin' to rain. (or) I'm fixin' to go to the store.

If you find a reference, please let me know where, OK? I've been in Texas going on 40 years now, and have heard it commonly used ever since I first got here.

I hope all y'all are planning just a wonderful day!

By the way, if you have a local expression or phrase that is in common use in your area, I hope you will share it with us!


Tammy said...

"Cowboy Up".....means "do what needs to be done." A favorite local expression of mine. :)

Goldenrod said...

"Cowboy Up" ... I like it!

You used another word "bagging" (in one of your responses to a comment on Katie's fishing expedition with Poppy) in a way that I don't recall having heard before.

Words and their origins, local expressions, etc., are fascinating to me, as are unique turns of phrase. Guess it's pretty easy to tell, huh?

Anyway, I like "Cowboy Up". Don't know that I'll ever use it, but I like it. Thanks, Tammy!

Tammy said...

LOL, I didn't even think of it when I wrote they had "bagged" fishing. In this instance it means to give up on or put something aside and move on to another activity.

Funny how one can get so used to the way things are said in an area and not realize they sound different in other areas.

That reminds me of my first week of living in NYC. I went with friends to the Hard Rock Cafe and we placed our orders with the waiter. I don't remember what I ordered other than orange pop. The waiter said, "We don't serve ice cream on a stick here." I had MEANT the drink, which I soon learned people call "soda" in NYC. lol

Goldenrod said...

Do you still use the word 'pop', Tammy? I can remember using it all the time when I was a kid, but haven't used it or even heard it used for many many years now.

New Yorkers, what can I tell you? They have a lot of their own expressions!

Goldenrod said...
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Tammy said...

Idahoans use the word "pop." I can't.....I have to use the word "soda" since my Hard Rock Cafe incident, lol. I get really weird looks when I say "soda" though.