Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike ... #1

I hadn't intended to do a post on Ike until tomorrow, but that's ALL they're talking about on television right now, so I thought I'd better get this out there so all of you are up to date on what's really going on and what my preparations are.

A really good site for you to follow (and it updates every ten minutes or so) is this one. Make sure it says "My Tropical Tracker", OK? It takes perhaps thirty seconds to fully load, so you have to have a little bit of patience.

I don't think there's much debate on whether or not Houston will feel the effects of Ike. Not much doubt, really, that we're going to get a direct hit.

However, this will NOT be a 'worst case' scenario. At present, his sustained winds are at 100 mph, a category 2 hurricane. Category 3 kicks in at 111, 4 at 136. The pressure keeps falling (not good) and his eye is well-defined (again, not good).

A 'worst case' scenario would be a cat 5 coming in from the east (Ike will be coming in from the south, and I very much doubt that he will make landfall higher than a cat 3).

Mandatory evacuations have already been ordered for all coastal areas immediately south of Houston. Tolls have been eliminated on all toll roads (we have four) to try and make it just a touch easier for those folks who are trying to go north.

Another site that you might find of interest is this one. I live in zip code 77099. If you remember that I said I live on the southwest side, that'll help you find it. I should mention that if you hover over the zip code you will get additional information.

SO, what will I be doing the rest of today? Well, I'll be continuing my icecube-making, for sure. Later this morning I'll go to pick up my new glasses. Am kind of interested in seeing how that new prescription is. Supposed to be significant changes. Will let you know.

Then, I'll go over to Nielsen's deli (haven't been there in a year, I betcha) and get one of their scrumpdeliocious egg salad sandwiches (good for one meal, at least!). I'll probably check out their soups while I'm there, as well.

I might even head over to Krogers to see if they have any grape salad. We'll see.

Later today? There's some overgrown grass in my backyard that has been crying out for some attention. Think I might tackle that before the rains come.

That's about it for now. I've titled this post "#1" ... expect another later, OK?

I'm all right. Don't worry about me.


Tammy said...

"Don't worry".....yeah right..... with Ike headed straight FOR you!

I was about to email and ask what your opinions are and then saw your post. I'll check out the websites in a few minutes.

Again, take care!

Craig Peihopa said...

It is a helpless feeling to watch sometimes knowing you can do nothing. My thoughts and prayers are with you there.

....and you mentioned Grape salad. How intriguing is that like fruit salad?

and as for the grass, don't go there. I have relied on the winter to stunt the growth however the warmer weather has started now that spring is finished and the grass is on the march again...grate!! (deliberately mis-spelled)

Goldenrod said...

Grape salad ... grapes, walnuts, gorgonzolla (sp?) cheese ... delish! And yes, I got some.

Didn't get the grass. Took way too long a nap.

Thanks, both of you, for your warm thoughts.