Saturday, September 20, 2008

Absolutely unbelievable!!!

Julian and I are going to be playing bridge this afternoon at the Bridge Studio of Houston.

We spoke earlier this morning and agreed that we were both sick and tired of hearing about Ike and dealing with the aftermaths of Ike. (Some neighborhood kids sprayed graffiti on his garage because his fence was down. They were not in school and were bored and it was accessible. I asked him if they'd caught the b********, and he answered in the negative.)

The next thing we had to do was ascertain whether or not the Bridge Studio would be open 'for business' today!

Julian was doubtful because, in his searches on the Internet, the Bridge Studio's website said that they would be open Friday morning, but closed Saturday and Sunday due to Ike.

I said, "Julian, that sounds like last week's post!" After a moment's thought, he agreed. I said, "Let's see what I can find out."

ANYhoo, a couple or three phone calls and e-mails later, I reached Terry Currie, someone whom I thought would know. Got her. She said, "Of course there will be a game today. We've been open since Tuesday night." (!?!?!)

Since Tuesday night?!?!? Not sure I believe her. I didn't get my power back (and I live less than three miles from the Studio) until Tuesday night and Julian didn't get his power back until Wednesday.

Reminds me a little bit of many years ago when I lived in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Shuckeydurn, did I ever have a bunch of energy then! Wonder where it all went??

I was scheduled to play with one of my regular bridge partners (and wasn't playing a whole lot of bridge then ... was too busy teaching school full-time, taking care of my young daughter, looking after our household, and trying to work on my Master's degree ... exhausts me, just thinking about what all I did!)

There was a 'ton' of rain that day and flooding everywhere. I called my partner (or she called me, I don't remember which) to ask, "Do you think there will be a game tonight?"

Long story short, there was a game. Everyone waded (literally) through high waters to get to the game site.

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