Saturday, September 6, 2008

Scattered thoughts and comments

Astros ...

We lost last night to the Rockies, our first loss in nine games. It was a combination of Moeller (starting pitcher) not being at his best and a lack of timely hitting with runners (and there weren't that many) in scoring position.

Everyone else above us in the wild card race lost, as well, except for the Brewers, who pulled their game out in the 11th inning. So, we didn't lose any ground, but time is of the essence.

Lobbying ...

(Definition ... to promote or secure the passage of [as legislation] by influencing public officials; to attempt to influence or sway [as a public official] toward a desired action.)

I guess the first time I was even vaguely aware of such a concept was when I was in undergraduate school at Northern Michigan University in the late 1950's. Dr. Hardin was appointed as the new President of the University. He was appointed over other candidates because it was thought that he could influence the state legislature to appropriate significantly more monies Northern's way. 'They' were correct. He did.

One of the main problems I have with lobbyists is that they have to be paid, and their paycheck comes out of whatever funds they have been lobbying for! Kind of defeats the purpose, it seems to me.

Then we get into 'agents' and 'special interest groups' ... all synonyms for lobbyists, I think.

How about 'pork barrel' spending? These are nothing but bribes, in my opinion, to get a specific legislator to vote a certain way on a bill. "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" type of thinking.

What about federal subsidies to farmers to 'reward' them for not growing corn, to cite just one example? I shudder to think of the millions (billions?) being 'thrown around' here!

And speaking of 'lobbying', how about all of the amateur lobbyists who cried out for various school closings because Gustav might strike their area?!?

When I was teaching in the far north, we had 'x' days of classes scheduled during the school year, 'x' number of which allowed for 'snow days'. Anything beyond that, we had to extend the school year.

You'll have to keep in mind, now, that we never actually even started school until the day after Labor Day. So, the last day of school, depending on how many 'snow days' we'd had, could have been well into the third week of June if not later!

Politics ...

Both conventions are now history. (Thank you, Lord, for all -- even the littlest -- blessings!)

However, there is now, undoubtedly, added interest in this year's presidential election. An 'unknown' has been thrown into the fray. If this weren't so terribly serious, I'd be falling onto the floor and roaring with incessant laughter!

Sarah Palin in a bikini? (If she can still wear a bikini and look good all at the same time, more power to her, I say!) I wonder if Joe Biden would deign to appear in a like pose? (Actually, to my mind, any of such pix are completely irrelevant and should have no application whatsoever to a presidential campaign. Accordingly, they should be summarily dismissed and even disregarded for the sexism that they portray!)

My granddaughter's comment, upon realizing that there were some problems in Mrs. Palin's family, said (something like), "Well, I guess that's not a 'cookie cutter' family." Out of the mouths of babes, right? (This is a 12-yr-old 'babe'.)

Of course that's not a cookie cutter family! (And you know what? Even if it were, the powers that be would still be looking for **** to fuel their vitiocity.)

All of you who have been reading my posts for any period of time know how much I enjoy originality in phrasing of words, and I'd like to share with you this one, posted as a comment within the past week or so on another blogsite.

Somewhat encapsulated, it goes, " ... the epidemic of foot-in-mouth-after-stepping-in-cowpile disease ... still plagues our political discourse ... "

Taken entirely out of context, of course, but I wanted that quote to stand on its own. That man needs an agent/lobbyist!

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody ...

Can you believe that these two very cute kids have their own website? (Or perhaps their agents/lobbyists have.)

I found it 'cruising the net', what else? However, I just tried to update it, and it remained the same. Anyhoo, for what it's worth, here's the link.

Good luck!

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