Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike ... #7

8:00 pm ... Had no idea that I would be starting this post so soon, but there are some pretty good-sized wind gusts out there, and I know that some of you are watching my posts, hoping for the best, and really would like to be kept informed.

I promise you that I will add to this post every half hour from now on until either my electricity goes out or I hit the pillow (one or the other). If I'm going to hit the pillow, I'll let you know beforehand. If my electricity goes out, well, I won't know about that until it happens.

SO, if you haven't heard back from me in another (and subsequent) half hour or so, you can safely assume that I have lost power. Those of you who have my cell phone # might try and call ... if the cell phone towers aren't down, as well, you'll get me.

Keep those positive thoughts coming, please!

8:30 pm ... Think I'm a minute or two late with this, sorry! Was transferring a huge chunk of ice from the freezer to the refrigerator, and for a moment or two was stymied as I couldn't find a large enough container for it. Will see you again at 9, OK?

9 pm ... Just talked to DD. She laughed about the idea of my having to leave my car outside in inclement weather just to enjoy the 1 mph less sustained winds from Ike. (She hadn't thought about that.)

Anyhoo, she's supposed to call me back after finishing making and enjoying with her daughter and friends possibly our most favorite snack in this country, popcorn!

[Guys, I'm really sorry! I was just about to publish this latest edition when DD called me back and we talked for WAY too long!! Let me get this published, and then I'll come back at you at 9:30 with a more detailed explanation, OK?]

9:30 pm ... I just finished talking to Tammy. God bless her heart, her whole family has been following my blog and was worried when I didn't post right at 9 pm.

This is a really strange storm! I'll try and give some more updates at 10.

Meanwhile, I thought I should probably tell you (not to unnecessarily worry you, but just to give you some facts) that DD has been without cable and the internet for awhile now, that upwards of 200,000 homes in the Houston area are without electrical service, and that our whole area is under a 'tornado watch' until 10 am tomorrow.

'So far so good' my way ... more in twenty minutes, or so.

10 pm ... Well, it's actually a few minutes after. I'm going to post this just very brief segment, and then come right back. I'm hearing strange noises outside!

I'm back. The 'strange' noises were coming from the channel I had my television tuned into. I tuned into a different channel, and the 'strange' noises disappeared!

The official 10 pm update from the NHC, by the way, reported that Ike had dropped another two millibars in pressure, altho his winds were still holding steady at 110 mph, a very strong Cat 2, on the verge of a Cat 3. We, as in moi, should now be experiencing sustained tropical force winds at the very least. We are not! Jeez, I hope I'm not jinxing anything here by writing this. Maybe I should delete it?

10:30 pm ... I'm fading fast. I'm going to hit the pillow. When I wake up (and I won't be setting the alarm), I'll immediately come back here and post again if I have power, OK? Sorry about that. I just have to get some sleep!! It's been a fairly traumatic couple of days.


Tammy said...

Our family just said a prayer for you. You are in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts.

Take care.

Tammy, Monty, & girls

Craig Peihopa said...

Thanks for keeping us informed Goldenrod. Thoughts, prayers and good thoughts are being sent in your direction.

Tammy said...

Just talked with Goldenrod on the phone, and she is SAFE and OK. No power, ankle deep water in her yard, a few branches blown down, etc, but she is doing well.

She asked me to leave a comment and let everyone know she'll be back online with an update when she has power again.

By the way......funny sidenote: when I called her she was sitting in her car with the radio on listening to the news. Just struck me as funny. (lol) ;)

So glad she's ok!

Tammy said...

Forgot to mention, Goldenrod said her daughter and daughter's family are fine as well!!

Craig Peihopa said...

Thanks heaps Tammy for letting us know.

Craig Peihopa said...

Goldenrod where are you? I am really worried.

Tammy said...

Just got another brief phonecall from way to charge the cellphone, so calls have to be brief.

She's in her own words "crotchety and cranky" as anyone would be finishing a 3rd day without power. No AC in Houston this time of year surely can't be fun.

She's safe and ok, though, and is heading to her daughter's house tomorrow if there's still no power in the morning.

I'll post updates here as I hear from her.

Craig Peihopa said...

Tammy you are wonderful. Thank you!

Goldenrod said...

Tammy and Craig ...

I'm posting this from DD's house. They have no direct internet access, so I'm 'dialed up', whatever that means.

I'm going to be treated to a bubble bath in their spa in a little bit, and then will probably take a nap before putting some ice in the cooler and heading back home. This thing with no power has limitations out the wazoo and taxes your patience like you wouldn't believe.

Stopped on the way out here to get some gas in the car. There's plenty of gas in Houston, but there's no electricity to pump the stuff. Problem. Long lines at gas stations that are open, but then THEY run out becuz so many cars are trying to fill up. Kind of a circular nightmare.

Yesterday, DSL had to come and 'rescue' me from a gas station that had plenty of gas but no power. I wasn't going to move until they opened. Gauge was on 'empty'.

Let's see, what else? Well, I threw out a bunch of foodstuffs this morning ... milk, eggs, ice cream, watermelon, mayonnaise, salad dressing, orange juice, previously-frozen vegetables and packaged other stuff, etc. and blah ... we're supposed to be having a garbage pickup today.

Then, I thought I'd better clean the refrigerator and freezer good before it came back on. That took awhile.

Let's see, what else? Oh, yeah! One good thing ... our weather right now is absolutely GORgeous!
Lows in the 50's and 60's, highs in the low 80's. If you have to be without electricity, now is the time to do so.

The Astros were forced by the commissioner to play two of their scheduled home games against the Cubs in Milwaukee, where they were soundly booed by some 25,000 Cubs fans on Sunday night (in addition to being no-hit). Booed again by a somewhat smaller number of Cubs fans on Monday afternoon (a one-hitter, ye Gods!) on the "supposed" neutral ground, Miller Field.


The Astros wore their road jerseys in protest ... good for them, I say! I think they're in Florida now for a three-game set with I forget whom. I'm so darned out of touch. I HATE it!!

Back to Sunday for just a touch. Neither airport was open Saturday or Sunday, so I don't know how they got out of here, but they did. They didn't fly out until Sunday morning ... Astros players who live in apartment buildings and high-rise condos had to somehow nagivate down pitchblack stairwells with all of their gear and luggage. Unfair, unfair, unfair, and I protest vehemently!!

Travel and play on the same day? Only in the minor leagues, folks!

Going to cut this 'comment' (more like a chapter in a novel) off. Granddaughter wants to play some anagrams. Yahoo!

Why is she not in school? Not all of Katy has power. Houston's ISD is closed through this week, LaPorte 'until further notice', and Galveston indefinitely (natch).

I may or may not decide to do a post later. However, I am really anxious to get back home and see if I have power yet.

If I DO decide to do a new post, I'll drop a short comment on here, you two, so you'll.

Craig Peihopa said...

Glad you are well and thanks for the visual landscape you described for us. Thanks Goldenrod.

Goldenrod said...

New post just completed within the past half hour, guys!