Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bits & pieces

Anagrams ...

When I was out at DD's Tuesday and adding an extensive response to "Ike ... #7" in the comments section, my granddaughter came in and asked me if I'd be interested in playing a game of anagrams.

YHGTBSM!!!!! (I don't think you really want to know what those letters mean, OK?) "Yes!" The answer was yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!!!!! I was almost finished with my VERY long response in that comments section, and tried to hurry through it.

I couldn't wait to play! (I've just tried to do a direct link here, but it failed. We're still having problems.) ANYhoo, if you'd like to read (if you haven't before) my history of playing anagrams and the rules of the game, as I was taught it by my father, see this post, "Anagrams ... a 'better' definition ...?", published August 18th.

Anyway, so there we were, the three of us ... DD, DGD (Darling GrandDaughter), and me ... out on their patio with all of these tiles upside down waiting to be drawn, when DGD said, "We each draw 21."

I said, "Whaat! I thought we were playing anagrams!!"

"No, we're playing bananagrams," she said. I said, "Whaat!"

Long story short, I learned a new game ... bananagrams ... and they learned how to play anagrams. DSL was even drawn in to play the last few games.

Truly, truly, truly, I was 'beside myself' (LOVE that expression!) with happiness! Man oh man, do I love word games!!

Astros ...

I don't want to say that they're in a freefall, like the Brewers were very recently, but their offense has most definitely gone into hibernation and the pitching has been less than wonderful.

They have now lost four in a row, two of which I can directly link to the commissioner, who decided in his ultimate wisdom to 'award' two of the Astros' home games against the Cubs (subsequently played in Milwaukee, a supposed neutral site where the Astros were loudly booed at every opportunity) to the Cubs.

There can be absolutely NO excuse for the Astros losing the next two!! Come on, guys! You have to snap out of it!! (I've been somewhat in a state of doldrums myself, so I kind of understand where you're coming from.)

We're now four games out of the wild card (does losing four in a row now make more sense to you non-baseball fans?) race.

We have ten games left in the regular season. An 11th will be played here, at Minute Maid park, against the Cubbies on September 29th if ultimate playoff standings require it. May the 'ultimate playoff standings require it'. Can you imAGine the decibel levels of sound in Minute Maid should that happen?!?

Bridge ...

I was supposed to play bridge Tuesday night in Pasadena. (Good luck to that! They don't have power yet.)

Also, I was supposed to play with Julian this past Saturday. (HA!)

One of my other regular bridge partners called me today -- actually, yesterday --, asking if I'd like to play Sunday night. I answered in the affirmative. We're both hoping there'll be a game. (Maybe not quite as good as anagrams, but close!

All for now. Hope all of you are OK. Will be checking your blogsites and making comments, I'm sure, shortly.


Tammy said...

So nice to be able to read more posts written by you! :)

I'm back in town, will blog about that later, but wanted to say I'm glad you are well.

Goldenrod said...

Right back atcha, Tammy!

Just woke up from a long nap, and must go out to do some shopping. There is absolutely NOthing to eat in my refrigerator!! Well, I just lied. There are cashews and cheese. There now, I feel better for having told the truth.