Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's currently going on in my life

Well, #1 is that I was supposed to be attending a "job fair" today in the Galleria area. So, in preparation for that, I spent a good part of yesterday and even early this morning updating resumes, making copies of same, etc.

Then, I reread what was 'required' to attend. Altho the job fair was free and no pre-registration was required, resumes (countless numbers, no doubt!) were to be readily available and 'business attire' was to be worn.

The last dealiepop, that of business attire, threw me for a loop!

Well, needless to say, guess who is still at home?? However, her resumes have been updated and she's ready to face another day!

I'll latch onto something neat (or they'll latch onto me, one or the other) in the very near future, I really DO feel sure. I'm READY!!

#2. I took the time to watch PBS' two-part series on George Herbert Walker Bush.

I have a great deal of regard for the Bush family, I really do, but I fear that "W" may not have been up to the task of being President of the United States of America.

I am CERTAIN that, if GHWB had been re-elected, this country would be in a much better position at home (economically), and -- most definitely -- world-wide! I blame that little pipsqueak, Ross Perot, for Clinton's getting into office initially.

For eight long years, I hung my head and was embarrassed to say that I was an American, and that's the truth.

I really dislike political blogs, and am somewhat apologetic for putting this one out there.

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