Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good news, bad news

Well, I guess I'll give you the bad news first.

It was bound to happen. So, when it did, I wasn't too surprised ... unhappy, but not surprised.

As all y'all know, I've been on this spareribs and sauerkraut 'kick' for awhile now. Last night, the binge continued. And, after gorging myself yet once again, made my way to the refrigerator with (still quite warm) very large baking dish held firmly by pot holders on one side and oven mitt on the other. I had a shelf in the refrigerator all set to receive the container.

I had always been careful to set the baking dish down either on the top of the stove or the butcher block counter prior to opening the refrigerator door so that I could accomplish the final act safely, and last night was no exception.

However, last night the refrigerator door chose to start closing again just as I was coming up to it. Guess who did not set the dish down again? Guess who, instead, tried to 'elbow' it back open, losing her grip on the dish?

No fair, you guessed the first time! Needless to say, spareribs, sauerkraut, and large pieces of what had been -- just moments before -- a very fine baking dish went EVERYwhere. What a mess!!

It took some time to try and gather all of the broken pieces (giving my thumb a pretty good whack and leaving blood all over the floor before I realized I'd cut it!), and then even more time to try and gather up all of the ruined food. Yeah, it was a mess.

OK. That was the bad news.

Spent some time talking on the phone with DD (Darling Daughter) yesterday, telling her that I was tired of using the same old recipes (altho I was still on my spareribs and sauerkraut dealiebop), and asked her what she was cooking up lately.

Then, after cruising through some of my favorite blog sites, I remembered that one had posted a website for recipes. My last two+ hours have been enjoyably spent there.

In other good news, I sure hope that some of you have heard about this really heart-warming story ... but, if you haven't, here's the synopsis.

Baseball ... girls ... high school. (If I don't have all of the following details right, please overlook my faulty memory. I only heard the story once.)

This one gal hits a three-run homer. In her excitement in 'running' the bases, she somehow hits first base wrong and goes to the ground. She's unable to get up again, having seriously injured her knee.

(Maybe it was college? The words "Oregon State" keep coming to mind. Whatever.)

The 'rules' stipulate that you must be able to round the bases without help from your teammates. So, what happened? Do you know??

What happened was that two members of the opposing team carried her around the bases. There were no rules against that! Is that scrumpdeliocious or WHAT?!?

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Tammy said...

Sorry about the spareribs episode. Sounds like an enormous mess!

The softball story is great. I saw a news bit about it on yahoo and had tears in my eyes. Showed it to my daughter, and she did the same thing. Wonderful, wonderful story!