Monday, April 28, 2008

I recommend ... #1 ...

Cruising the net is fascinating.

There are just a 'ton' of sites out there that focus on home-schooling, others on family, religion, politics, travel, and some on things that just don't interest me at all (surprised?).

Every once in a while, I'll edit my "Favorites" list -- adding to or deleting, creating new folders, re-categorizing, etc.

Today, I'd like to share two more of my favorites with you.

The first is Michael Patton's.

He's been posting since 2006 on this site, and the link should take you to yesterday's post, "With This Child".

All poetry, usually with an introductory statement or two, some of which are very funny!

Sometimes I'll read the poem first, then go back to his introduction and read the poem again. I find it almost mind-boggling when (or if) I realize that my feelings have been altered.

Almost always I am tempted to leave a comment. Usually, tho, I am able to restrain myself. This second link will be to one where my restraints failed.

Some of his poetry I could spend literally hours in, indulging myself in fantasy. Others don't interest me in the slightest. Isn't that the way of it?

Poetry, in my opinion, is very personal. It should not be criticized when the author is obviously attempting to portray, in writing, his/her deepest feelings.

I have not even begun to read all of his works. Yet one more thing to look forward to. (Wouldn't Winston Churchill have hated my last sentence?)

My second recommendation is to a site composed of photographs and paintings, only (at least so far as I know), and I happened upon it just this past week. Sometimes there's a heading, others none. I'll be referring you to two specific posts.

This first one is what appeared when I was cruising. Are those feathers gorgeous, or what?!?

I immediately added it to my favorites, and took a little time later to have a 'looksee' at some of what else he (I guess it's a 'he') had to offer. The edge was taken off of my excitement just a touch, and I stopped going back to previous posts.

This one, tho, is also worth a look.

His site is still on my list. Unique offerings, to say the least!

Have a good one, guys, and I'll talk to you later, OK?


Tammy said...

Speaking of's post on the astronomy blog is amazing!

Michael said...

Thanks. I can never guess if a poem will affect anyone else in a strong way. Sometimes I'll actually post a poem that doesn't do that much for me. Ironically, that'll be a poem that prompts a response from someone.