Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This is it!!

Everything's all set ... all facts & figures ready to be entered on various lines ... just waiting for a callback from DSL to get his opinion on something.

I feel good ... not quite relief, yet, because it's not completely finished, but good!

While I'm waiting, I'd just like to share with you a few of my thoughts.

1) It's my daughter's 47th birthday today. Happy birthday, DD! (Kind of hard to forget that one, huh?)

2) It's COLD outside!! The news has it that we will probably not be as warm today as it is in some parts of Minnesota. Dear me!

3) I'm enjoying my red rose. (By the way, I just spent several minutes looking back -- a cursory lookback, only, you understand -- at all of my earlier posts, trying to find the one where I initially said that I had purchased a bouquet. Couldn't find it. Never mind. Not really important to this post, anyway!) It's GORgeous!!

4) Are any of you paying any attention to politics these days? A couple of things come to mind: A. McCain's supposed coming proposal to Congress of a 'rollback' of the Federal gasoline tax ($1.84/gal?) from Memorial Day to Labor Day; B. The pope's visit to our country. (Where are all the protesters? There are a gazillion of our tax dollars being spent on his security! I 'can't wait' for the hordes [some paid?] proclaiming the separation of church and state and decrying this use of our tax dollars!)

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