Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Speaking of peacocks, ...

... my friend, Tammy, kidnapped one of her daughters Sunday (everyone in the family knew about it beforehand except for the daughter -- neat, huh?) so they could have some quality one on one time together.

One of the beautiful photographs in her post showed a peacock, and it reminded me of years ago here in Houston, when every once in a while I would go to this really neat restaurant that had peacocks roaming the grounds. The restaurant was set in a heavily wooded area called Piney Point and backed up to Buffalo Bayou.

Upon driving in to the grounds, we would see signs alerting us to their presence and warning us not to try and approach them. Gorgeous creatures, particularly when the male's colorful feathers are on proud display, but they DO charge!

Well, this morning, on the local news, there was a feature story on -- would you believe -- peacocks!!

Seems there has been a 'colony' (right word?) of peacocks residing in a residential neighborhood about seven miles north and a little west of my house for many years. Evidently, someone had brought a pair (or more, I don't know) in some 40 years ago.

Anyway, yesterday, someone in the neighborhood called Animal Control (or City Council, maybe both!) to complain about them. Animal Control officers were sent to the area to capture the 'varmints'. All in all, eight were rounded up.

Well, all **** broke out!! Later that same day, after many irate phone calls and e-mails by non-complaining residents, same critters were returned to the neighborhood.

I heard that children were combing the area for loose ruffled feathers to add to their collections, but found none.

I find this story just hilarious, and hope it gets your day off to a good start.

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Tammy said...

What a funny story.

When Katie heard the noise the peacocks were making, she was SURE it was coming from the nearby monkeys. She was really shocked that it was actually the peacocks making all that racket.

They sure are pretty, though.