Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Income Tax time

Yeah, here it is again!

There are two good things I can say about this time of year ... 1) It's spring, and 2) It's my daughter's birthday. Other than those two (& they're important, of course!), this time of year sucks!!

For more years than I care to recount, I have filed an extension for my income taxes. This year, however, I have to file on time in order to be even eligible for the "Economic Stimulus Payment".

I received my official notice from the government filled with gobbledegook that is not the slightest bit understandable no matter how many gazillion languages you speak fluently.

Anyhoo, please forgive my paucity of posts recently. Since 'semi-retiring' last year, I've had to go back through ALL and try to figure out what the devil expense I can place where, what income I have to include, etc. It's an absolute MESS!!

I should say, in qualification, that it was an absolute mess!

Many hours have been spent in recapturing all of the details, and I am within a day (or so) of finalizing a return that will be accurate and 'audit-proof' -- maybe.

Talk to you soon, OK?

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Tammy said...

I'm sure looking forward to those "economic stimulus payements" here! :)

If you don't know yet when you'll be getting yours, check out this link: