Monday, April 14, 2008

A golden age ... (modified) ...

The original question was, "If you could be any age at all, what age would you be?"

I have received some feedback on yesterday's post (some via comments, others from friends and family, e-mails, etc.), and have decided to add this modification.

Originally, I arrived at possible answers to this question from the vantage point of 70+ years of existence on this earth. I had not fully realized that many (most, nearly all?) of you who might be reading this post are nowhere near my age, and thus have not the slightest idea what I'm talking about!

I was 'looking back'. Most of you are 'looking forward'. Interesting, isn't it? VERY different points of view!

I apologize for my inconsiderate question. Truly, I do!

PS. I have just finished bothering DSL (Dreaded Son-in-Law) for yet the umpteenth time in re yet another question on how to find something on-line in re the IRS, after having 'been there done that' a gazillion times already! FINally, in utter and absolute frustration, I went back to my filings from last year to try and figure out how I had discovered the answer. Lo and behold, there it was!! Ye Gods and little teensy weensy fish hooks!!! Will I EVER learn?!?

Folks, all I have to tell you is, 70 is probably not the "golden age"!

PPS. To his credit, however, DSL said, "DML (Dreaded Mother-in-Law), tax season has this effect on everyone!"

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