Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Scam artists ...

... are everywhere, aren't they?

Most of you know that I've been looking around for something part-time to supplement my Social Security income. (Hopefully, I would find something that I could do from home.)

Well, I want to share with you an e-mail that I received, within the last 24 hours, from Payment Manager! [Dennis.huntt@hotmail.com]

I had received an initial e-mail contact on the 18th. I responded on the 21st, (yesterday!) saying only, "Please send more information." I filled out NO blanks with name/address/phone number/age, etc. I simply wanted to see some more information on what the offer actually entailed.

I'm going to write verbatim what the e-mail that I received, within the last 24 hours, said. Ready? Here goes ... ...

RE: Letter of Confirmation and Acknowledgement of Employment

Greetings to you,

The company is solemnly happy for the turn up made by US citizens regarding the job offer and all details you sent to us in your first mail has been filed and passed on to the database management department for updates on the first payment. I just got a call from our client in US that he has the product with him right now and he will be sending the payment out to you by the end of the next week.
The client will be forwarding the payment to you and all you need to do is to take the checks to your bank and get it cashed and then you deduct your 10% from the total you receive and send the remaining 90% to the Company's Accountant. I need to be sure of your details again and also it will be needed once again on the company's staff file, so i will want you to please resend your details once again through this mail,because it is very necessary and urgent right now and you know without your reply the payment cant be sent and i have a question for you that i will want you to answer.

Do you do this kind of Job for anyone else or any other Company? YES or NO?

(Then follow requests for full info in re name/address/phone number/age, etc.)

I don't want you to hesitate by emailing me back with this details above because, it is urgent and you know we need it to forward to our customer that will forward payment to you immediately.

I will urge you to carry out the first assignment as soon as you get the checks. The company is solemnly behind you and will not give room for any act of indulgence.

The company is wishing you best of luck as you keep working with us. I will await your immediate response and payment can be forwarded immediately.



We all recognize this scam, don't we?

I'll be making a couple of phone calls tomorrow to see how best to proceed to try and put these crooks where they belong.

Meanwhile, all y'all have a good one, and keep your suspicions handy!


Tammy said...

Wow. Yeah that's a scam if I've ever seen one. Who does one get in touch with to report something like that?????

Daveta Henderson said...

He just sent me a fake cashiers check talking about he wanted me to deposit it in my bank account and money gram the funds to a few poeple BUT I got smart on him and took it to the bank it was written on and of course it was fake. When I emailed him of course he didn't respond.