Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going to the movies ... (#2) ...

This afternoon I went to see 'Nim's Island'. All by myself. Granddaughter hadn't expressed any interest at all in seeing this movie.

I had a really good time ... could have tolerated another enjoyable half hour or so, at least, but the ending was appropriate, and I've been smiling nonstop ever since. I'm wondering, "Has Jodie Foster ever made a bad movie?" She's quite a talented young lady.

There couldn't have been more than five people (total) in the theater, perhaps even counting the person running the projector. How can they possibly make any money??

I thought to myself, "Oh, oh!" when a mother and daughter came in with mother's cell phone looking like it was permanently attached to her ear, but not to worry. She must have turned it off before the main feature started.

Nim, the name of the little girl in this movie, is 11 years old ... exactly my granddaughter's age. Ah well, another missed opportunity!

I paid really close attention to the upcoming films, and found absolutely none that captured my imagination. Well, maybe Harrison Ford's latest 'Indiana Jones' sequel. I'll ask her if she's interested in going to see that one!

You know, the possibility certainly exists that she just doesn't want to go with grandma! I'll just have to accept that if so.

Meanwhile, I recommend the movie. Fun!!

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Tammy said...

Have you seen Flightplan? I'm a fan of Jodie Foster's, as well, and that's probably my favorite one she's done. Great show. Rent it if you haven't seen it, ok?!