Thursday, May 29, 2008

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Health update ...

Finally went in for my blood test work, and got the results back earlier this morning. They are: Cholesterol normal ... Glucose normal* ... Kidneys normal. Who da thunk it?? Now, all I have to do is call the doctor's office to set up an appointment to discuss prescription medication in re my calcium intake.

Mosquitoes ... no mas, as of this writing. Sleep ... very nice, thank you. Nails ... extremely short now. They were driving me crazy with their varying lengths (most too long, actually, and getting 'caught' on various younameits). Now they look like they've been bitten all of their somewhat lengthy lives, which, indeed, they have been!

New subject.

Was cruising through some of my "Favorites" this morning (and adding a comment here/there) when I came across one that reminded me of a ride my first husband and I shared while at Coney Island many years ago.

It was a parachute drop. There was this very tall needle-like central structure with two (or perhaps three) parachutes with bench seats positioned equidistant from the center, projecting outwards.

As we passed by this ride, we could hear a LOT of giggles. We stopped to watch. The line of people waiting to get on looked like it extended around the corner. Geez, that looked like fun! (Not the line, the ride!) You go up slowly until you're at the very top. Then, after you've had a few seconds to enjoy the view -- and it was spectacular! -- you're suddenly in a free fall until the parachute opens and you 'float' gently to the ground.

I was SO tempted to go! My husband had been trying to get me to ride the roller coaster with him, but, to this day, I have not been on a roller coaster, chicken that I am. THIS ride, however, was very tempting!

As we continued to watch, we noticed these two 'little old ladies' -- maybe schoolteachers? -- in line, smiling like crazy in anticipation. We watched as they were seated. We watched as they kicked off their shoes. We heard them laughing all the way up to the top. We heard their delighted shrieks all the way down. We watched as they leapt off the bench, gathered their shoes, and ran back to get in line for another turn.

That did it for me! (And yes, it was a LOT of fun!)

The Astronomy Pic of the Day (5/29/08) shows a "fogbow" ... first time I'd ever heard of that term, how about you?

*Glucose "normal"?!? I thought I was hypoglycemic. Underwent just a horrendous sugar test in New Orleans perhaps 30 years ago. Will have to ask the doctor about this one when I next see him.

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Tammy said...

The ride sounds like a blast! The scarier the ride, the better in my opinion.

I'm glad your blood sugar is normal, but that's weird you were diagnosed as hypoglycemic years ago. Keep us updated on that....