Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My 'primary care' doctor's visit ... (#3) ...

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SO, I went to see this person whom I'd never met before.

It's really close to where I live. Ten minutes (max!). I got there. All sorts of smiley faces, all looking sincere. (Highly trained?)

I had been expecting to be required to fill out multitudinous forms. I was ready for an extended delay. When I was asked to provide my insurance card and driver's license, I readily acquiesced. (I had called a month or so prior to make sure I was in their system as a 'primary care' person, but still I was anticipating a worst possible case scenario!)

Well, it couldn't have been more than 15-20 minutes later when I was face to face with David Bauer, my primary care physician. He entered the room quietly. There we were, face to face. He sat down (I was already seated) and listened.

Asked a few questions. Answered a few questions. I took notes. He looked at my wrist. (By the way, it was exactly as I had suspected. He felt all up/down and around the area, and confirmed my original 'diagnosis'. He really didn't recommend surgery unless the area bothered me more than it already seemed to -- and, it wasn't 'growing' in scope. He negated the possibility of cancer here. A really nice piece of good news!)

He looked at my callus. Didn't think I needed to see a specialist at this time. Recommended some things I should be doing to try and 'soften' that area, including a shoe recommendation that I have yet to take advantage of, along with gel-filled insoles, etc. Haven't started on any of those yet.

He made a few recommendations for tests, one of which (bone density) I took advantage of before I left the building. Another, that of cholesterol and glucose intolerance, was not completed because I had drunk some coffee prior to my visit. I really hadn't known what all I might be required to do or not do. Their office is so close that I should be able to accomplish that test within the next week, I would think.

Another of his recommendations was a mammogram. I've had LOTS of those over the years. My personal opinion is, "What's the point?" Irregardless of my personal opinion, however, I intend to schedule one soon. (Have the authorization.)

ANYhoo, that's my story of my primary care doctor's visit. I can't even begin to tell you how pleasantly surprised I was with Dr. Bauer. In fact, I told him so in those same exact words.

When we met in the hallway a short time later and shook hands (I had to Xfer stuff from my right hand to the left in order to free a hand to shake), I noted that he was just a touch shorter than I. I guess the only reason I mention this is ... you know what? I don't even KNOW why the devil I would ever mention this!! Ridiculous!

Suffice it to say that I left his office yesterday morning feeling REALLY good about 'discovering' another caring doctor. Went home, posted my "6s" story, and there's been nothing else posted until today.

Hope everything's OK, or as well as can be reasonably expected, your way.

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