Saturday, May 10, 2008

On blogging ... ...

Since January this year, when I first emerged onto the blogging scene, I have learned a lot about myself and even more about the Internet.

I would like today's post to reflect just a few of my observations.

[By the way, I have no intention whatsoever of referring you to any of my previous posts, wherein I may already have stated some of the same comments or even a similar opinion. If you're interested, you'll look. If you're not, you won't. So be it.]

I guess about the only thing I'd like to expand upon is 'personal comments'.

1) If you disagree with the author, and you're a new 'reader/browser', why not just go on to another blog site? (There are only about a gazillion others out there!!)

2) If this has been one of your favorite sites for some time, but you find yourself now vehemently disagreeing with this particular post, well -- either try to make a comment constructively, while at the same time making sure that you are not personally attacking the author, or -- delete this site that has all of a sudden become so objectionable to you!

3) If you're on some sort of personal vendetta, then I would strongly suggest that you "Get a life"!

4) Do you have your own site? If not, I recommend that you get one and publish your OWN feelings/thoughts/personal opinions ... kind of a "See how YOU like it" type of thing.

Unfortunately, there are MANY people out there who live to prey on others, to pounce when someone else stumbles or falls. I can only hope that you, dear reader, are not one of those. If you are, may I suggest a 'gazillion' other sites?

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