Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My 'primary care' doctor's visit ... (#2) ...

(This is being continued from the last post. If you're interested in seeing what I wrote, please look it up.)

Other than dermatologists, I guess I have only a handful of doctor's visits over the past many, many years.

The eye doctor. What can I say? I have a wonderful eye doctor! He says I have cataracts, and probably should have some surgery, but -- as of this writing -- I have no intention of doing so. I see him (maybe) once every couple of years, and that's just to make sure that my eyeglasses improve my vision to where I can legally drive and -- at the same time -- allow me to view my favorite television programs and work all of my favorite logic problems. In other words, I wear bifocals.

(I didn't mention reading. I haven't even opened a book since last September, if you can believe that!!) I may or may not do a post sometime down the road on the history of my eyesight. Probably interesting only to me, huh? Well, it might be of some interest to you, as well, so I'll do one.

The dentist. (Ah now, there's another topic entirely!) All I can say to you, boys and girls, is that you should faithfully brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Did I mention mouth wash? Should have.

All of the above (and on the preceding post) are not on Wellcare's list of providers, how do you like THAT?? I like that not in the least little bit.

SO, what made me finally decide to see a 'primary care' doctor and thereby get myself enrolled in their system? Two things, actually ... 1) I was a little concerned about what I could best describe as a 'wrist pointer'. I thought it probably occurred from my many years as a taxicab driver, whereupon I would rest my left wrist on the steering wheel. 2) A callus on the bottom side of my left foot (big toe). It had been there for many years, but I thought I should probably see a specialist to get an expert opinion on how to treat/get rid of it.

Let's face it. In all my many years as a taxicab driver, the only muscles I exercised were in my brain and arms. Don't laugh, I'm being serious here!! I knew, deep down inside, that I should be getting some exercise. At the same time, I also knew that I could not to so without a great deal of discomfort. So, something had to be done.

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