Sunday, May 18, 2008

Car troubles update

OK. (continuing from last post) I woke up a little after noon and called Micky. He said, "Did you get my message?"

I replied, "No, I was taking a nap and just woke up. When I realized what time it was, I thought I'd better check in with you to see how everything was going."

"Well," he says, "it's ready, but Helen, we found that one of the engine mounts is cracked (there are four of them). Do you want us to fix it today?"

I asked, "Do you have time?" "Sure," he says.

NOW I'm wide awake. Enterprise's website had advertised that the rental places are open until 2pm on Saturdays. I thought, "Wow!"

So, I hustle my bustle around, frantically trying to locate all of the things that were on my list to take to DD's place. I glance at the time. Heavens! I don't know how long it will take to return the rental. I figure I might be delayed at the rental place a half hour or more, and it's now almost 1:00!

I decide to initiate the return of the rental car, and then get over to Micky's as soon as possible after that. First, tho, I have to replace the gas I used yesterday. Boy, is that thing a guzzler!

The rental place is closed. Sign on the door says they close at noon on Saturdays. Wonderful! There are a couple more locations at dealerships just down the freeway, but when I check at each of those they're not even OPEN on Saturdays. Cute?

Meanwhile, of course, I'm on the horn with Micky, letting him know what's going on. He comes back with the info that they were not able to replace the engine mount after all. They didn't have the right size.

All right. I make another executive decision. I decide that I will pick up my car from Micky (It was perfectly safe to drive, but it might be making an extra rattle or two.), leave the rental at his place, and return Monday to let them replace the engine mount while I return the guzzler to Enterprise.

By the time all of this was accomplished, including writing a hefty check, it was going on 2:30. I didn't even have time to return home. I just called DSL to tell him that I was on my way, but was probably going to be just a little late.

He said, "Come on!" I told him that I did not have my umbrella with me. (It was spritzing just a bit.) He said, "Don't worry. We have umbrellas." I asked if he would have DD locate her nail file. (I had a nail that needed to be filed. It was something that I would have done at home, but I had run out of time.) He said, "We have nail files. Come on!"

So off I went, unshowered, hair looking OK, missing almost ALL of the stuff on my list, and with unfiled nail. HowEVer, I was now driving my baby, and I was happy.

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