Monday, May 26, 2008

Bits & pieces ... ...

Health update ...

Saturday morning I wrote about how I had gotten a seemingly unbelievable amount of sleep over the past day and a half. That was true. The term 'sleep', however, should have been a little better defined. Except for the aforementioned 2- and 3-hour stints on Saturday morning, it was more like (from Thursday evening) hit the pillow, toss and turn like crazy, grab for another tissue and blow like crazy, then repeat. I'd get tired of that and get up for 5-10 minutes, but my eyes ached so much I'd have to go back to bed and try again. I had a headache out the wazoo from all the blowing. Not much coughing, really. I use Vicks (formula E, an expectorant), which works pretty well for me. I always keep a bottle by my bed, and so it's handy if and when I have to take a little sip.

I never did take my temperature. Whatever for?? I knew I had a fever, otherwise my eyes wouldn't have been aching, right? I didn't take anything for the headache, either. For the most part, I must admit that I'm anti medication. I'll just have to 'get over' that, however, because my primary care doctor wants me to ingest pretty large doses of calcium each day -- in fact, wants to see me this week to discuss a possible prescription. THAT'll be interesting! I'm going to show him one of the little plastic baggies I use to put a large pill in before I smash it with a hammer --- then I can swallow it!

[I'm not talking about those little sandwich-sized baggies. I'm talking about a little dinky baggy that would hold -- maybe -- a couple of picture hooks. I still have bunches of these going back to my years in the art business.]

ANYhoo, I was looking forward to Saturday night. I thought I might get 4-5 hours of actual sleep in, and was eagerly anticipating such an event.

The mosquito ...

I hit the pillow around 9 or 10 that night, feeling mildly pleased with myself, and was about to drift off to sleep when -- all of a sudden, there was this incessant high droning sound that kept getting closer and closer. Yes, unfortunately, it was the unmistakable sound of a hungry mosquito wanting to suck my blood. "NO!" I thought.

Then, resigned to just waiting the thing out, letting it get close enuf to my ear so that I could just lambaste the thing into oblivion without rupturing my eardrum in the process (I almost did that once, so I know whereof I speak!), I waited. I struck. I waited some more. Nothing. "Terrific!" I thought.

Just as I was about to drift off to sleep again, there it was. I thought, "Shoot!" (Well, that's not quite the word, but you get my drift, I'm sure.) I got up and went into another room, turned some lights and the TV on, and waited for the vile creature to come after me. I thought if I could at least see it as it was about to try and drain one of my more vital bodily fluids that I would have better than a 90% chance of ending its existence! I waited. No such attack on my person occurred. I waited some more. Nothing!!

I decided to fumigate the bedroom. I checked over my sprays. I didn't want to use one that would repel the [expletive deleted], I wanted to use one that would exterminate same!

Well, never mind. Suffice it to say that I used two different sprays, NEITHER of which I was fully confident would work. (All of this to get rid of one mosquito?? SURELY there must be a better way!) Meanwhile, of course, I had made it absolutely impossible to go into that room for at least another two or three hours. Otherwise, I might be in very real danger of asphyxiating myself!!

Fast forward to LAST night, when I enjoyed (I kid you not, I enjoyed!!) a full six hours of uninterrupted sleep -- deep, actual, even a dream or two. Immediately upon waking, I called my primary care doctor's office, hoping they were open so that I could go in and take my blood test (having eaten, drunk, or ingested nothing for at least six hours), and guess what? They're closed today.

Well, perhaps the same quite fine situation might present itself tonite. More later.

New subject entirely.

Phoenix Lander ... (edited and updated early am 5/27/08) ...

We are now on Mars, in actuality. On Sunday, a simulation of the landing was posted. Yesterday THIS was posted on their website, showing actual pictures taken from Phoenix after its successful landing on Mars. Then, today, a split screen image ... one showing one of the lander's footpads, and the other Phoenix's descent as photographed by the HiRISE camera onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Fascinating stuff!!


Tammy said...

'Possums, mosquitos, and birds. I'm a little worried about what you'll find next! lol

Monty and I were thinking it might be fun to take a drive to check out Texas in January and stop in and see you for an afternoon.

.....but your critters have me a little worried. Just kidding. ;)

Goldenrod said...

Tammy, I hope you'll take another look at this post. I have just finished editing and updating it, and all the links now seem to be working just fine. I went back to the "old way" (the one I wrote you about instead of the 'shortcut' DD tried to teach me) ... whatever works, right?

In re checking out Texas in January, you sure could pick a better month! Generally cold (for Houston), ugly (no leaves, except for the live oaks, of course, and others that 'live' year round)-- with no snow cover to hide the ugliness, drab, dreary, and usually a lot of rain. February is not quite as 'iffy'.

March, now, is a different story altogether. The azaleas (and lots of other things) are in full bloom. Quite beautiful! (Particularly the first half of the month.)

I don't think you realize, tho, Tammy, how far away from you Houston is. Do you still have that e-mail I sent you some time back? I'll bet we're more than 1500 miles apart. Have you noticed those gas prices lately??

One good thing about coming to Houston in January, however, I must say. NO mosquitoes. Maybe a bird or two. Haven't seen a 'possum lately, but who knows what the coming months might bring? Do you like alligators? We've got alligators.