Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Presidential election campaign, 2008

Normally, I try and stay away from politics. I really do!

However, this year's campaign (and it's early yet) has already promised to be of such a nature that I feel a great need to RUN out and purchase boots and a very large shovel!!

When I first started this blog site, and not that far back, I really didn't know what I might want to focus on. All I knew was that I had a lot of things to say. But, in order for me to say something, I have to be "moved" to do so. I am so moved.

Up to this point, it seems, the national media's attention has been primarily focused on the Democratic candidates. (Perhaps because the media appears to be so obsessed/entranced with the possibility of a Democratic "sweep" -- President, house, senate -- what a coup!) This latest piece of news really has my "back up" -- and that is Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Barack Obama with the subsequent lashes out from NOW, not to mention the barrage of images of Mr. Kennedy explaining his endorsement.

If it had been up to me -- and, of course, it never was! -- Mr. Kennedy would have been relegated to page 36Z eons ago. As it is, "unfortunately" ( in my opinion), his words carry a lot of weight with unthinking (or perhaps even similar thinking) bigots.

To my mind, there was never any question as to whether or not he would endorse Hillary Clinton. His blatant disregard for the female gender has been well-documented. (In fact, he has been known to go so far as to abandon a female companion who subsequently drowned!)

What disturbs me even more, however, is Mr. Obama's open arms "Welcome to the party!". I now question Mr. Obama's integrity.

I see this year's Presidential campaign deteriorating to -- perhaps -- an all-time low in mud-slinging. Let's see here, who have we got for major candidates? We have ... ... 1. Mitt Romney, 2. John McCain, 3. Hillary Clinton, 4. Barack Obama.

Well, we can't vote for #1 because of his religion. We can't vote for #2 because of his age and -- certainly, he must have been damaged with all those years as a prisoner of war. We can't vote for #3 because she's a woman. We can't vote for #4 because he's black.

Aren't you guys TIRED of everyone trying to tell you who you can/can't should/shouldn't vote for?? I certainly am!

You know who I miss? I miss David Brinkley!

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Tammy said...

I graduated from a 2 year college with an associate in history. Not much, I know, but if I would have continued, it would have been in some type of political science.

This coming election is an embarassment no matter what party you are.

I wonder if George Washington or even Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Thomas Paine ever view the world from wherever they are now and shake their heads at what has become of our country.