Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I'm coining a new word (maybe!) ... I tried to look up "catharsism" in the dictionary, but it's not there (at least, not in mine!). However, "-ism" IS there, and I prefer the "act/practice/process of" explanation of the meaning of this suffix.

I must disagree, tho, with the definition of catharsis as a purging or cleansing ... I prefer a somewhat altered definition, and that might include "alleviating" (but -- once again, the dictionary refers to negativism, so that's 'out', as well!).

I am not a good speaker. I am a much better writer, but it takes me a long time to transcribe my thoughts into words that I find adequately convey what I'm thinking & feeling. In my first post a couple of weeks ago, I stated that I had a lot to say & I hoped to start a dialogue with each & any of you who took the time to correspond. That has not changed.

What I seem to be "hung up on" today is a simple definition.

To me, "catharsism" is the process of "letting it all out" ... whatever is on your mind. For me, the process of letting it all out is, in itself, cathartic. Does that necessarily mean that whatever is/was on your mind needs/ed to be purged or cleansed? I don't think so. I just like to see it in written form, so I can copy/print it out (capture it on camera, as it were) for future reference. Tomorrow, then, I will not be able to say I did not say/think that or this.

Contradictions galore in this post, probably. One good thing ... it's now in written form, and I cannot deny that I said it. That, in and of itself, is cathartic!

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Tammy said...

To me, "catharsism" is the process of "letting it all out" ...

I think there is a great deal of "catharsism" involved in blogging. It's nice to have a place to journal your personal thoughts and still be able to discuss them with others.