Saturday, January 12, 2008

Upon misplacing one's driver's license

Have you ever misplaced your driver's license?

I have misplaced so many things over the years ... letters, bobby pins, my wallet, keys, you name its. However, nothing seems so immediately unrecoverable as one's driver's license!

I had it three days ago ... I know I did! (I had to show it when I wrote a check for groceries at a store.) In fact, in my memory banks, I could recall last seeing it on my desk (a kitchen table, I hope you understand) after I had returned from said store.

I went through all of the grocery bags (not that many), the garbage (not that much), the car, the back yard ... ... and I thought, "I really need to get the top of this 'desk' cleared off." -- checking the floor all the while to see what might have dropped down there. ... ... nothing, nada, zippo!

Meanwhile, back at the "my bank" b/ranch, I needed to transfer some monies from one of my accounts to another. Guess who didn't have a picture ID to present? What I could only hope for was that one of the tellers there would recognize me. (Long story short, one of them -- in fact, several of them -- did. I've been a customer of that bank for a long time, thank goodness!)

That was good for a short term "fix", but I still needed to find my driver's license!! What if I were to be involved in an accident, a routine traffic stop, whatever? I HAD to find that driver's license, there were no two ways about it!

I cleared off a bunch of stuff from the aforementioned "desk" ... zip/nada. I checked the back yard yet once again ... and, without raking ever more present leaves ... zip/nada. I simply made up my mind that I would have to go to the DMV Monday to ask for a duplicate license.

Somewhat long story a touch shorter, I decided to remove the car from my garage out into the broad day/sunlight ... ... even took my flashlight out to look under/between the seats, etc. Guess what?? I FOUND it!! (Hallelujah!) It was wedged between/under the passenger seat! (I have one of those cars with variable seat adjustments, which -- most of the time -- is a good thing.)

Anyway, I'm feeling really good about my day right now, & I sincerely hope the rest of you are experiencing the same wonderful feeling! More later ... ...

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