Saturday, January 19, 2008

Time to smell the ... rainbows?

The sun is shining brightly today, which is a nice change from the cruddy weather we've had the past many hours -- some of it occurring overnight, thank goodness!

It's January in Houston, a month where we usually experience many days of "blahness". (Actually, this year we haven't had that many. Plus, we needed the rain. Both my yard and foundation thank the powers that be.)

I used some of the blah hours to peruse other blogs on the Internet. I didn't comment on any, but I did add three or four to my "Favorites" and made note of a few others that included interesting & sometimes unique photography. I will pass on that info to my daughter later today. That's a new avocation for her, and she might want to take a gander at them.

A few photos (various sites) showed rainbows, and one blogger mentioned that she had never seen so complete a rainbow except for where she was (&, of course, I don't remember where she was!) and that was why she took a picture of it to retain in her memory banks.

I felt such sorrow upon reading her words. Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones? I have been privileged to view -- over the years -- many complete rainbows. However, I must add that I do not remember ever seeing a double rainbow until I became a taxi driver.

How does that saying go, "Take time to smell the roses."? Well, a cab driver has the time. Many, many hours are spent simply "waiting", and I spent much of my waiting time in the staging lot at Hobby Airport -- and, often, I would be looking "up" to see what was going on.

I don't know that I can truly say I have seen complete double rainbows. However, when a storm was about to pass, I was almost always looking up to see if there would be a rainbow.

Once, for sure, I saw a triple rainbow. It's captured not on a camera, but indelibly in my own banks of memory. I (perhaps) saw the remnants of a second triple another time, but that one is not nearly as clear in my mind.

Certainly, I saw no rainbows yesterday or last night, but I wanted to write this to testify that such wondrous things DO exist, and perhaps encourage all of you to take the time.


Tammy said...

You've got some great posts here and some wonderful food for thought.

Also....about your earlier post on the lost driver's had me laughing! I've found the best way to find a lost license is to buy the duplicate. This has proven to be a sure fire method to finding mine....3 times! :)

Goldenrod said...

Hey, Tammy!

I read your posts every day -- and, while I do not always comment, if you could see me laughing, you'd get a kick!

Thank you for your thoughtful comments ... much appreciated.