Wednesday, August 27, 2008


What's that, you say? Well, it's Post Olympics Withdrawal Syndrome, and I have been afflicted with it for the past couple of days now. You might have heard it referred to as Post Olympics Depression, or POD.

So, what am I doing about it? For one thing, I'm complaining about it in this post ... always somewhat cathartic. I'm playing some bridge. I got my teeth cleaned this morning. My neighbor came over to look at some of my dead branches, first mentioned here, and he advised me to wait until spring. (Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow type of thing?)

Maybe Gustav will take care of some of them, whadaya think? This one I don't think is going to miss us. It looks like he'll be entering the Gulf of Mexico plenty early enough to easily become a Category 3 (or more) hurricane before he hits landfall again. My personal prediction -- and I'm not a meteorologist -- is that he will strike the Texas coast (upper, not lower, as Dolly did), perhaps on Labor Day, as a major Category 4 hurricane.

Meanwhile, the sun is shining. I actually did quite a bit of yardwork the other evening, and then took a long hot bubble bath afterwards to try and ward off future aching muscles. It worked!

I'm going to have to go back to smashing calcium pills with a hammer for a few days, and getting my supplements that way! This Viactiv that I've been taking for the past month or two has almost sworn me off forever from chocolate!!

There is absolutely NOTHING on major network television but the Democratic National Convention! Ick and yuk!! If you're enthralled with politics and the Democrat's presumptive nominee, you are in 'seventh heaven' with this week's programming. If you're not, like me, you're carping loudly.

Don't get me wrong here. I don't intend to watch all the political 'crap' that will be going on next week, either! In fact, this coming November will probably not see me in a voting booth for the first time since -- I really don't remember the last time I did not vote!! I'm not bragging. Actually, this makes me kind of sad. I'm just so sick of all the empty promises, the lies, innuendoes, slurs, etc., etc., etc.

I must admit that I was impressed that Ted Kennedy was able to show up. Isn't it fascinating how he is almost deified, now that he is very ill? Not wanting to put that illness down (and certainly would not have 'wished it' on him, no matter how much I might have disliked the man), by any means, but does anyone remember what happened many years ago? How that one incident, still lingering in many people's minds, permanently derailed any thoughts he might have had -- and indeed, he had them! --about becoming President of the United States?

Personally, I have a great deal of regard for Joe Liebermann. I see him as a man of integrity and personal conviction. Now, if McCain were to choose him as his running mate, I might get interested. But he won't -- and even if he did, I don't think Mr. Liebermann would accept.

So, what will I be doing the rest of today, this week, and the next? Well, I'll be watching "Fantasy Island" (coming up shortly), for one thing. Tomorrow night, I'll be watching my favorite 'hunk' in "Smallville". I'll be listening to the Astros try and play some good baseball, maybe even winning a game or two. AND, I'll probably be writing and publishing some more posts.

Hope none of you is suffering from POWS or POD -- but if you are, DO take some positive steps to try and get yourselves out of it, OK?


Tammy said...

I've got some serious POWS going on here. Trying to remedy it with reading, but it's not helping much.

It's just so FUN (can't think of a better adjective) to watch the best of the best in the world at the sports they excell in. It was so amazing to me to watch these people, many of them so young, do what they did. Very inspiring.

tamlovesran said...

We cancelled our cable about 10 years ago, so I didn't see any of this years Olympics! I'm not suffering the POWs. One less thing I guess!
I may not vote in the Presidential election in November either. A good friend sent me a campaign button recently that said "08 Election, They All Suck! Do Over"
I guess there's a lot of people feeling that way.

Goldenrod said...

Think I might have to do one more little post on the Olympics to try and 'get it out of my system', as it were. Otherwise, this response to your comments, Tammy, will be way too long. Have you tried another Hiaasen book as a diversion? (If all else fails, you could try producing a few multi-colored buttons to see if that will work!) :)

I've never had cable, Tammy (other Tammy). The Olympics were covered by NBC, Bob Costas doing the anchoring duties. I understand tho, I think, where you're coming from. You have a whole lot of 'else' going on in your life.

BTW, thank you for the link to Jewels' site. I'll not be able to post a comment because she said she automatically discards those that appear without a picture, and so -- if she goes 'private', I'll be out of the loop completely. Until then, tho, she's on my "Favorites" list.

'Inspirational', I guess, is the word that I would best use to describe her posts. 2,000 readers every DAY?!? What an AWEsome responsibility!!

In re politics and this coming election, I'm really quite disheartened about the whole thing. I HATE it when I cannot proudly tell people that I voted. Maybe I will change my mind before then. Hope so, anyway!