Sunday, August 24, 2008

Creativity vs. intelligence vs. age

"Imagination grows by exercise, and contrary to common belief, is more powerful in the mature than in the young." W. Somerset Maugham

That is an intriguing statement, isn't it?

I have almost always thought of genuine creativity as being most readily available to the very young. See my post, "A child ... is an original ...", published June 30th, for some of my more extensive thoughts on this.

[To support that view, when I was studying for my Master's degree in education from Purdue University in the early 60's, I proposed for my thesis a creative writing study based on 6-yr. olds -- first grade. It was 'pooh-poohed' by everyone except my major professor (bless her heart), who told me to go for it!

I did, and was going to publish the results here. However, upon blowing all the cobwebs off of my thesis, I discovered that the results were much more complex than what I had remembered, SO ... unless you really want me to encapsulate and expound further on same in another post ... this will be the last word on that subject.

I should add that we had to do an analytical study on the correlation between creativity and intelligence as a result of this.]

Then, somewhat later (7/23), I published an Art Linkletter (ish) type post, which you might enjoy, if you didn't catch it earlier.

This one, published on the 18th of July ... 5th paragraph ... , is taken from Matthew East's telling of an outing with his 5-yr. old daughter.

Even more recently, another father posted about his very young daughter exclaiming, "Daddy, I was so happy this morning it felt like my heart was smiling."

From the mouths of children. Oh, how sweet!

And then we have these unique, one of a kind utterances, published just this past couple of days from a 43-year old 'youngster' in Australia ... ...

Is your "life painted in pastel shades ...", or is it "a growing piece of art in bold colors?"

"Is a nibble at the table of life sufficient to understand and appreciate the whole four courses?"

Folks, I have been told (and I thank all of you who have taken the time to comment now and then) that the way I put my words together in trying to recapture my thoughts and memories is unique ... I hope that it is. And, if it is, may it ever be so!


Craig Peihopa said...

I have tried to analyze my thoughts as to the "why" I like reading your blog, even the posts I make little or no comment on recently.

I have concluded that I like the way you think!

You are constantly aware of the the present, the past, and have an eye on the future. Much like myself. I like how you can reflect in the one conversation to a thesis written some time ago, then let us in on the Astros scores or the Olympic happenings, and then talk about the levels of how you felt during your experiences in the cabin or in a taxi and still share gems that you glean from your connective web of contacts that span the globe. It is a little voyeuristic in style allowing me a glimpse into the various options you are open to at any one time. I enjoy your thoughts, and as I have said a couple of times, I find them so engaging it is like I am there listening to you in the first instance. Captivating.

Goldenrod said...

Thank you, Craig, for your thoughtful and supportive comments. I'm glad you are enjoying my posts. I should probably tell you that you have inspired my next post with your use of the word 'voyeuristic'.

tamlovesran said...

Like Craig, I also like the way you think. I find you to be a very unique and interesting person.

Goldenrod said...

Tammy, I thank you for your comments. Each of us is 'unique', are we not? But whether or not we dare to express that uniqueness is another matter entirely, I guess.

I'm having just an AWful time getting my follow-up post to Craig's comment in re 'voyeurism' published. Perhaps 'blogger' will take it upon themselves to take me off of their 'fit to publish' list permanently?

Yesterday, I wouldn't have even beGUN to imagine such a thing ... toDAY I see it as somewhat likely!!

'Big brother' ism at its finest?!?

steven said...

hey goldenrod, your writing and thinking reveals a mind that has tremendous depth and range across the complete present moment. i like reading about your past because it doesn't resemble even remotely one that i have any experience with.
as for baseball - the nearest team to me and the only one i've been to see play is the toronto blue jays. what more can be said. i like to read the writing of someone who loves a sports team that deserves to be loved.
and as far as the "voyageur" of the post after this one - well the voyageur's" travelled close to where i live but have now been relegated to grade 6, 7, and 8 history curriculum. as a generic term for a traveller through other people's lives (a voyeuristic voyageur?!) well i say, rock on sister.

Goldenrod said...

Hey there, stranger! Your Blue Jays might just pass up the Yankees in their division, have you noticed? I won't be shedding any tears if that happens, either! :)

Rockin' on, brother!