Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bad news, good news

Wow, what a day!

I found myself going to bed to take a nap during the third inning of the Astros/Cubs game today. For the second day in a row, our pitchers -- let's face it, there's just no better descriptive word -- sucked!

You want to talk about a downer? There it was. The final score was 11-4, in favor of the bad guys. A real 'pitcher's duel'.

Then, for some reason or another, my incoming e-mails were not getting through. That was fun! Got that problem straightened out. At least, I think so!

Took another nap. Woke up in time to watch "Wheel of Fortune", one of my favorites. Immediately after that, the PBS special came on in re the Olympics.

Hope you've had a chance to read my prior post. It took me half an hour or better to find the poem I'd written in 1989. Meanwhile, I came across a bunch of others that I've written over the years. Will no doubt be boring you with some -- perhaps even many -- of them down the road.

Do you like poetry? Mine isn't very good, I don't think. I'm probably more of a 'jinglist', but I really can't be the judge. All I know for sure is that they were all inspired by whatever emotion was overtaking me at the time.

There are some love poems in there. Forewarned is forearmed, right?

Then, to make my mood even brighter after the PBS special presentation, I read Whalechaser's latest post.

If you go to her site and click on the link, you'll be presented with this 'test'. I did it, three times, and laughed merrily each time. Go ahead and try it, I DARE you!


whalechaser said...

My gosh! I fell asleep during the game too! Woke up to a huge lead and Chuck carrying on like a crazy man! I don't know what all the hoo-hah is for, I told him back in May that the Cubbies would win the Series this year. But he is a die-hard Cubbies fan and expects something
god-awful to happen. Yes, it will...THEY WILL WIN!!! Then I can stop hearing about the stupid curse.

Anyway, glad you liked my little game. I have another that I will post just before I leave on our extended southwest trip. you may like that one as well.

Poetry...I wish I could and I wish I could really understand it.

Tammy said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! :)