Friday, August 29, 2008

Being aware and preparing

I've been watching, off and on today, the latest predictions/projections/etc., of the various satellite views of Gustav and Hanna. It's really kind of interesting, particularly if you don't live on the Gulf Coast (which I do ... well, 50 or so miles inland from same!).

I projected just a couple of days ago ... a personal prediction, only, because I could by no means be considered a meteorologist ... that Gustav would hit the upper Texas coast.

I am not 'running scared' here and, to tell you the truth, I am going more by 'gut' feelings than anything scientific ... ... at the same time, I am telling you that I am now 'storing up' ice and will be going out later -- as soon as I finish this post -- to pick up some more cold stuff and maybe a can or two of 'other' stuff that can simply be opened with a can opener and then ingested (requiring no electrical elements to cook/heat/reheat).

I have no intention whatsoEVer to evacuate. In fact, tomorrow afternoon (after my bridge date), I intend to fill my gas tank and then head on down to Pearland to enjoy some food and visit with one of my very dearest friends.

Just checked back with various sites, and it looks like my 'gut' might have been correct. Well, forewarned is forearmed, right?

I will have kept my cell phone charged, so those of you who have my number should be able to reach me.

Later this evening, or sometime tomorrow, I will probably do a post to actually be published on Labor Day. It'll be a good one, I think, and will have to do with taxicab-driving.

Please pardon my 'scatteredness' in this post. I really DO need to get out of here and grab up some of Randall's cookies to take down to Pearland tomorrow! Luv all y'all, OK?


Tammy said...

Do be careful, ok?

I'm keeping my eye on the weather and watching where you live.

Love ya!

whalechaser said...

Saying a prayer that this one is not a destructive one. Make sure you have water, food and a good book. maybe a couple of flashlights.

Goldenrod said...

Hi, Whale and Tammy!

Just checked the latest modules, and we really won't know more until after Gustav clears Cuba. (And there was a small period of time in the last day or two when I thought Gustav and Hanna might join forces, but I think Gustav is far enough ahead of Hanna -- altho not by much -- that that event is not very likely to occur.)

And then, there will still be a tremendous cone of uncertainty while he traverses the wide expanse of the Gulf of Mexico and grows to gigantic proportions. Finally, as he nears land, there will be even more questions as he will most certainly 'wobble'.

I'm 'set'. Not to worry. What will be will be.

Whale, what are you doing commenting on my blog? Thought you and Chuck were setting out this morning on your 10-day 'adventure in the wet'?!?

Polimom said...

Starting to look like a very scary storm, actually. But it's also looking as if we (in the Houston area) will not be taking a direct hit.

Grim possibilities, though, for Louisiana.

Hope you have a BLAST in Pearland!!

Goldenrod said...

It's about 1am Sunday morning. Just checked in with the current infrared satellite picture of Gustav, and when I put it in motion, it appears as tho he's moving almost directly north at the present time. I'm going to check one more source, and then I'll report back. If what I thought I just saw on infrared is correct and holds true, then he won't be coming anywhere near us ... perhaps not even Louisiana ... 140mph now, a VERY dangerous storm.

Well, I checked with two other sites, and it would appear that I was incorrect. New Orleans is under a mandatory evacuation as of last night. Will check again in a few hours, and see if I can get some better intel for you.

Goldenrod said...

Well, poopee doopee! "What a difference an hour (a day) makes!"

Hanna (What a fickle storm!), instead of continuing to curl on back into herself -- and possibly even going into the Gulf of Mexico -- now appears as tho she will possibly 'kiss' the eastern side of Florida and then continue on up the southeastern US coastal states. Actually, unless she continues veering not just north but east, the Carolinas are going to take a real pounding. SO, not only was I wrong there, but so was Matthew. What can I tell ya? These storms have their own agendas!

And dagnab it, anyway!! Gustav looks like he's headed directly for New Orleans ... it's a really good thing that a mandatory evacuation was ordered for them a few hours back.

Listen up, guys! I'm going to give you the URL site for one of the main trackers I use. It's updated every few minutes, OK?

BTW, we are by NO means out of the picture here! This is one dangerous storm!!

OK. The URL address is

Goldenrod said...

Sorry. I should have added ... ... just in case you don't see "My Tropical Tracker", click on the tab for same. It takes a minute or so for everything to load. Be patient, OK? Am about to hit the pillow. Later!