Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Shocking Void

The year was 1982. July 19th, actually. I was working as Marketing Manager for a prominent metal building manufacturer here in Houston when the news spread like wildfire throughout the building that my boss, the Vice President of Marketing, had been fired.

It happened as soon as he came in to work. He was told to clear out his desk and leave the premises. That's how it's done in the business world. Nasty. Very nasty!

I found myself deeply affected by this, and composed the following poem. I was able to finish and hand-deliver it before he left.

Throughout our lives we come to know
Different kinds of losses. They show

Us how to deal with pain ...
How to renew when, once again

Fate deals its swift blow.

This time, tho, I feel a great concern.
It's because of a man who must yearn

For the words to express what he now feels.
First comes shock, then anger, then he reels

Back to see what he can learn

From this latest episode in his life.

His next visit must be to his wife,

To be with his family, then out to see
What the availability in Houston will be,

To make some sense out of all this strife.

What happens to those who have worked around him,
Who feel that they have become surrounded

By a glaring myriad of colors, bad dreams & words?
Will they be able to get rid of this scourge

Of ill-feeling and awe they now find themselves in?

My feeling is one of a tremendous sense of loss ...
You are no longer, & perhaps never again, my boss.

We had a hard time learning to communicate
With each other. I hope it is not now too late

To tell you how much I appreciate what you tried to do.
You never minced any words ... you were only -- you.

Truth is a quality I appreciate & greatly admire.
(If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the fire!)

I don't mind heat, Bob ... and, if we are ever to meet again,
Please don't hesitate to consider me ... a friend.


tamlovesran said...

You are a talented writer.

Goldenrod said...

Thanks, Tammy! I needed that little boost just now.

Craig Peihopa said...

I loved the poem, reflect and saturated with meaning and emotion. Well done Goldenrod.

my emails are all rejecting Goldenrod. Could you set up a hotmail account and email me, lets give that a try.

Craig Peihopa said...

I meant to say reflective...sorry

Tammy said...

Very nice, Goldenrod.

Life deals us unexpected blows, and I'm sure he appreciated your support. Did you ever hear from him afterwards? How he was doing or what job he went to next?

Chuck said...

Very nice job on the poem, especially given the immediacy in presenting it to him. I generally have to let my writing "sit" for a while and then go through a review process.

BTW - Blogger "locked" me out of my blog again - 2nd time in a week -- along with thousands of others. Their new "spam blog finding robot" is sure messed up. But meanwhile, we all sit, unable to either post or contact a human at Blogger to let them know our problem.

Craig Peihopa said...

it's rejecting Goldenrod. I will call my isp today and will respond later. Sorry for the hassle. every email instantly comes back saying it has been rejected for spam and stuff. so I will ask the questions and let you know later. Au revoir

Goldenrod said...

Listen up, Craig! I don't know if you have read others' comments on my site or not, but Chuck has been driven almost CRAZY this past week with 'Blogger' messing up HIS account! Hang in there, OK? This is not the end of the world! We'll get together, eventually.

And Tammy? (other Tammy) Yes, I spoke with Bob a couple of times since that event. We were NEVER what I would have called 'close'. However, we grew to have a great deal of respect for one another.

What was particular shocking to me was the way in which he was treated ... so summarily, like something you would brush aside with a broom!

Chuck? I sure hope that you and Craig can gang up on the spamBloggerpowersthatbe and correct this nonsense!

In re the 'immediacy' of the poem, that's the way I am and (I guess!) have always been. I have to 'get it out of my system'.