Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cooking class

My granddaughter is taking 'Home-Ec' this year, and this past week was involved in a cookie-making project that involved no eggs! (How can a cookie-making project involve 'no eggs'?!?)

Well, it seems that there are a whole lot of people nowadays who are 'allergic' to eggs. Give me a break, OK? SO, anyhow, there you have it. They made cookies without using eggs.

Granddaughter came home and announced to her mother that she now understood why they use eggs. I just love that story!

DD (Darling Daughter) thought that was a lesson that her daughter (my granddaughter) would remember forever, and I'm sure she's right.

Meanwhile, back at my memory bank's ranch, I was reminded of my 'Home-Ec' class, 89 gazillion million years ago.

Those were the days when everyone had to wear a hairnet. That's WAY before all y'all were even born, I'll betcha!

Our teacher was an old maid -- really not trying to 'put her down' here, but she was, OK? -- who towered over us 7th and 8th graders, always with her hairnet on and pencil poised for use just above one of her ears (don't remember which ear).

Why was her pencil poised for use? To stir something? To point at someone to make a point or to answer a question? No, no. Her pencil was poised for use to scratch at (what I can only assume were) 'cooties' in her hair! I kid you not!!

So, there we were, diligently measuring, stirring, whatever it was we were doing at the time, and there SHE was, scratching at her cooties! Most of the time, it occurred directly over whatever it was that we were attempting to concoct!!

This one day we were trying to prepare 'Welsh rarebit'. It sounded really exotic to me, in spite of all the cooties floating around in the air, and I couldn't wait to taste it!

We were all on our own, and before we could leave the classroom, we had to eat what we had prepared.

Well, my mouth got the first taste of that concoction, and I thought I was going to throw up right there! Lawdy, lawdy! How was I going to get out of this one?

I waited until the teacher was out of the room and then quickly took the awful stuff and flushed it down the toilet! That's the God's honest truth!! It was horrible!!!

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Tammy said...


Cootie rarebit!

I can't even begin to imagine what cookies without eggs look like, let alone taste like!