Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Exploding watermelons

I am 71 years old, OK?

NEVER before in my life have I cut into a watermelon and had it explode all over me, the kitchen, the floor, the dishwasher, the rug, the counter, my clothes and shoes ...and, if I had had my mouth open in the line of 'fire', down my gullet, no doubt.

Disgusting! Infuriating! Maddening! (Not to mention a horRENdous mess!)

I have just returned back home with another watermelon, 'hand-picked,' per Randall's grocery personnel, and hand-carried out to my car.

I'm almost afraid to go out to the car and retrieve the ****** thing!!

Hang on while I try and do so, OK?

OK. Deed accomplished. Hot damn, they're heavy, aren't they?

I only hit my head twice on the freezer while trying to insert the durned thing into a large-enough drawer!

All right. It's 'inserted'. Can I be excused now? "No, you may not!" shouts Mother, loudly.

(To be continued, no doubt.)


whalechaser said...

Oh...icy watermelon.....you must have had it by now.
Did you ever clean up that mess?

Tammy said...

Doesn't even sound fun.

What a sticky mess!

Goldenrod said...

Mess was cleaned up IMMEDIATELY, altho it took awhile. I mean, it went EVERYWHERE!!! It was really disgusting! Haven't had any yet ... am afraid to cut into it ... might take it outside first.

Craig Peihopa said...

eeeuuwwww! My idea o' heaven right there! NOT!

If only we could have caught that on video, you would be a hit on You Tube and or Funniest home videos and would be a mite wealthier I submit!

Fun post, albeit not fun to clean up.