Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A couple of updates

Baseball ...

I don't want to definitively state that this will be my last update on baseball, but since the Astros -- while not mathematically out of a wildcard berth -- are now so far removed from plausibility, even, that I have almost stopped keeping track of what's going on elsewhere.

Patrick, I'm really sorry about your Braves' misfortunes. I think, tho, that you clobbered someone last night ... let me go back and double check ... well, I'll have to take that back, won't I? You didn't 'clobber' someone, but you ended up victorious! You and I both will be loudly rooting for our teams again next year, won't we?

Chuck, you're on your own with your Cubbies. What, did you play a football game last night or a baseball game? Which was it? Final score of 14-9 ... sounds like two touchdowns on one side and one on the other with a safety (points after all TD's good). Watch out for those Brewers!! Looks like they mean business. (BTW, don't you think for one split second that I'll be rooting for your team. You know that we have six games left against each other, right? Even tho we're not going anywhere, "Go, Astros!")

All personal comments aside, there are a couple or three pretty exciting races going into this final month of the regular season.

In particular, all y'all should pay attention to the American League East, where Tampa Bay has now lost two in a row and the Red Sox have won two in a row, leaving the Sox just 3.5 games out of first place. In the AL Central, the White Sox and Twins have been slugging it out since my last post, each vying for first place. However, most recently the Sox have won their last three while the Twins have lost four in a row, leaving a two game separation between 1st and 2nd place in that division.

In the National League East, the Phillies and Mets have been battling it out for first place. Last night their game (playing head to head) went 13 innings, with the Phillies winning and the Mets now 1/2 game back. Doesn't get any closer than that, folks! Have already made my comments about the Central. In the West, it doesn't seem like ANYone wants to 'take charge'. They're all 'losers', in my opinion.

Did you notice a glaring void in the AL West? That's cuz it's BOWring!!!

Bridge ...

Julian (one of my favorite bridge partners) unleashed a 'monster', it would seem, with his phone call to me of a week or two ago. Altho we are scheduled to play again this coming Saturday, I felt the 'urge' this afternoon to play tonight (well, last night, actually ... I keep forgetting what time it is!) and called John Zilic, one of our local directors, to see if anyone was looking for a game.

John called me back later, saying, "Come on! I think we've got somebody." And sure enuf, he did, and I had an absolute BLAST! Monster's been unleashed. Look out, everyone!


Tammy said...

Uh oh....the monster's been unleashed!

I'm glad you are back to playing bridge. Seems like it's been a several months since you've played. Well at least since I'VE heard....which doesn't mean you haven't BEEN playing here and there.

Anyway.....break a leg.....go team.....something....whatever you are supposed to say to someone you are hoping wins their bridge game. Anyway, have fun! :)

Goldenrod said...

I tend to go in streaks. Have almost always been that way, I think.

I wrote about how long it'd been in my post of 8/19, titled "A Boring Post" ... you probably took one look at the title and didn't read it! :)

Outside of saying, "Good luck!", we'll often say, "Take no prisoners!" or "Kill!"

Chuck said...

Go Cubs!

I recall clearly how Houston clobbered us whenever we went to the Astrodome decades ago -- so no mercy now!

I'm missing the current games. We're hiking/paddling/biking every day on our trip, so the Internet is the only way to keep track of the scores. And Saturday we leave for a 10 day canoe trip down Utah's Green River -- so no info. Cheer for me, OK!

Goldenrod said...

As you said, Chuck, "It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it!" Perhaps you should have said, "A 'wet' job?" (Speaking of your upcoming trip down the Green River.) Keep those cameras dry and your heads above water, OK? Luv ya both!