Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A boring post ...

... this will be, no doubt. SO, if you don't want to be bored, skip on to your next "Favorite" and come back tomorrow and see what's happening then, OK?

I am feeling truly wonderful just now! I have finished reading all of my "Favorites" and making comments here and there, sending e-mails, etc. All is right with my world. Well, mostly!

The Olympics have been given somewhat short shrift in the last day or so, and I'm not going to get caught up tonight, either! I'll be playing bridge for the first time in a few months. Am really looking forward to the game! :)

I told my partner that I feared I would not be able to play very well, that I was kind of rusty. He said, "Don't worry. As long as you can put a card on the table, that's all that matters. We'll have a good time!"

I said, "How about if I just place a card on top of my big stomach?" His response? "YOUR big stomach!!?!!"

In just a bit, after publishing this nonentity, I'll be making some more potato salad -- yes, I'm still on that 'kick' -- and watching Fantasy Island. Then, I'll take a nap. (Are you having fun yet? If you are, please continue reading.)

We've had a bit more rain, thank goodness! (Pardon me while I go and check on Fay's status.) ... ... Heavens! When I first looked at the infrared satellite imagery, I thought that Fay was going to just lightly touch the western side of the Florida peninsula and then continue on westward through the Gulf of Mexico, gathering and then maintaining massive strength until she hit Texas!! What a 'downer' THAT would have been!!! After I put the satellite picture in motion, however, I thought I could discern a more northern (and perhaps even northeastern) movement. We'll see.

Meanwhile, back here on the Houston front, there's a lot of rain in this area. At the moment, it seems to be concentrated on the far north side. I'm going to have to try and locate my umbrella, because there's an 80% chance of showers and thundershowers this evening!

Have some bad news to report, I think. One of my more overgrown 'bushes' may be dying. (A wax leaf logustrum? [sp] What do I know? I am so ignorant in re the names of most things flora, I kid you not!) If DD is reading this post, I hope she will e-mail me the name of that tree doctor/trimmer she sent over a few years back to trim a bunch of stuff for me. The 'bunch of stuff' included the VERY large water oak tree in my back yard. And no, that is not the 'overgrown bush' that may be dying, thank goodness! (At least, not that I am aware of!) My neighbor is quite willing to lend me one of his saws, but I think that this particular job is beyond either of our capabilities. Barf!

Going back to check on Fay's progress and the local Houston rain forecast (pardon me while I do so, OK?) ... ... All right. I did so. Even stopped by Matthew East's blog. ... ... I think we're 'safe' from Fay. However, I'm pretty sure that I need to find my umbrella for use tonight!

Talk atcha tomorrow, OK? Hope all y'all are having a really good one!

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