Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A little of this, a little of that

I'm sitting here listening to the thunder roll in the near distance. Wonderful sound! Should get out to the store just around the corner while the getting's good, shouldn't I? Will continue this when I get back.

I'm back. That was close! Had a really great time playing bridge last night. Didn't disgrace myself like I thought I might. It was good to see some faces that I hadn't in a while, especially my partner's. We're scheduled to play again Saturday afternoon. It rained some while we were inside playing, but let up long enough when we were finished to allow us all to get to our vehicles without getting wet. Considerate, wouldn't you say?

The highest recorded temperature yesterday at IAH (our official site) was 81 degrees, if you can believe it! Today it's projected to be 85 with more scattered showers and thundershowers. We won't be getting back up to our 'average' of 94 again until Sunday or Monday. We're lovin' our electric bills!

I stayed up until the wee hours this morning, watching the day's Olympic events replay on NBC ... I'm so happy for that young man (Horton, is it?), the US gymnast who added levels of difficulty to his high bar routine almost at the last minute and aced it, getting a silver medal. He was just beaming with pride! And there his folks were, in the stands, hugging each other and laughing and crying all at the same time. Neat!

Anyway, as a result of being up so late/early, it's going on noon already and I have accomplished almost nothing -- except for starting this post, that is. I did, however, spend a few minutes on a fun game that reminds me a bit of Pacman. Did you ever play that? If you have a few moments to spare/luxuriate in a bit of frivolity, go here. (Courtesy of Whalechaser.) I played it several times. The first time, I think I lasted all of 1/100th of a second. Ha! Then, after playing it a few more times, I tucked it away amongst my list of rainy day favorite things to do. Enjoy!

Well, it seems like I just can't stay away from the Astros for very long. They do not have a chance in **** of overtaking the Cubs, who are now on a more consistent bent to winning the National League Central Division's championship. However, we have a slim chance of pulling off a wild card berth. As of now, I think we are something like seven and a half games back. Five teams are still ahead of us, but there's a chance. Where there's a chance, there's hope, right?

The Astros are playing the Brewers in Milwaukee this afternoon -- game will start in less than an hour, as a matter of fact -- to decide who will 'take' this 3-game series. Currently, they are tied at one and one. This will be the 20th day in a row that the Astros have played without a day off. That's the major league maximum, by the way!

In this twenty game stretch, the Astros will have played ten at home (record of 8 wins and 2 losses) and ten on the road (record of 6 wins and 3 losses, as of this writing -- today's result yet to be determined). Of the games thus far completed, the 'good guys' have a record of 14 and 5 ... a very nice record, and one that must be carried forward if our 'chance' to gain a wild card berth were to continue to survive.

Following this afternoon's game, the Astros will fly to New York. A four-game set with the Mets is scheduled there, beginning Friday evening, and you can betchur sweet bippy that the Mets will be looking for revenge of our sweep of them in our park just a couple of weeks ago.

The month of August will conclude with six games at home, three each against the Reds and Cardinals. How important the series with the Cardinals will be is very much contingent upon how well we do against the Mets. Will probably do a more full update on baseball this coming Tuesday.

Here's hoping that all y'all are having an absolutely fantabulous day!


Craig Peihopa said...

I enjoy reading your posts, there is so much to say isn't there! I like to see how you involve us in the many aspects of where your mind is and what you are doing. There are times when I have the impression that I am listening to you in the same room.

I have been extremely busy of late, which I love and am grateful for, but I thank you for the edits, I will get to them very very soon. I will write you soon also.

Thanks so much Goldenrod. You are the best.

Goldenrod said...

Craig, thanks for your comment (as always). If you have the time, be sure to check out "Close calls", my post of just a few days ago. ONE item in there, in particular, should be somewhat familiar! :)

Chuck said...

Please help us out and beat the Brewers -- we appreciate it! And while you're at it, keep the rain away from Colorado for us!

Goldenrod said...

I can definitely see where rain would be a 'downer' for the two of you, what with all of those outside activities you have planned, Chuck. Our game with the Brewers is long over -- at least, it SHOULD be! -- , and I don't even know who won. I was trying to hang in there until it was over, but exhaustion simply overtook me when the Astros had the bases loaded in the top of the 8th with nobody out, down 5-2, and failed to score.

Tammy said...

I wish it would rain here. :(

Goldenrod said...

Well, Tammy, for SURE you don't want it to rain Sunday night, right?