Thursday, October 16, 2008

Welcome, Canada!

I don't know if there are any other Wheel Watchers out there or not, but this week Wheel of Fortune is featuring Canada, who is airing the show on the CBC for the first time ever!

This year, Wheel is featuring a million dollar prize ... all sorts of hoops have to be gone through before it can be won, but Tuesday night someone did it!!

It was kind of exciting! Lots of bells and whistles went off -- confetti, streamers, and balloons everywhere ... neat!!

Pat announced yesterday (tongue in cheek, of course) that they were now going to have to cut back on expenses. The budget for this year was heavily overdrawn. Vanna was going to have to start wearing t-shirts instead of all those gorgeous gowns.

It was really fun to watch.

Well, I finally got up the courage to call the dermatologist to test out what I'd heard the WellCare representative say about being able to schedule an appointment with a specialist without going through one's primary care physician.

I wasn't talking about heart surgery or cancer. I might have misled you as to what I was seeking.

No, this particular problem requires a dermatologist. I have a spot on the left side of my nose (just below the nosepiece on my eyeglasses) that doesn't look right to me.

Anyhow, I called a couple or so hours ago, and have an appointment with Dr. Nelson a week from today.

I am SO relieved! And of course, I'll want Dr. Nelson's office to send a report to Dr. Bauer (my primary physician) so that he can be aware of and coordinate all of my medical records. "No problem," said they.

I'll keep all of you informed as things develop further. I promise.

Just received another e-mail from my friend Beth, who lives in Pearland.

This one's topic is "Why pets hate Halloween." It has about 30 pix to be looked at. Haven't opened any yet.

Probably some pretty 'sick' ones in there, but I'll forward a few of those that I consider amusing -- and no doubt there will be some. How's that sound?

Had a few extra minutes this morning (after I had contacted the doctor's office) to read through some of my "Favorites" and make a comment or two. It felt good. Kind of made my day.

I wonder if Halloween isn't getting 'lost in the shuffle', what with Ike, the debates and the upcoming election, not to mention WalMart (who has the "distinction" of being the very first retailer to put out Christmas decorations this year ... boo, WalMart!)


Tammy said...

Kayla, Monty, and I were watching Tuesday night and saw the entire show. Emily and Katie walked through the room at the very end.

VERY COOL! Actually, I thought she had won the million just when she got the puzzle, and didn't realize she had to have the card with the $ symbol also. Anyway, it was very neat. Can you imagine what they are feeling? And I got a kick out of her hubby when he said, "Well a million dollars will help us get another couple of dogs." lol.

Was a good moment..... :)

Tammy said...

Oh, and by the way.... I had NO CLUE that Canada had not been watching Wheel for years and years already. That really surprised me!

I remember watching it as a teenager when the winners "shopped" after they won money. Do you remember that? I kind of wish they still did that. It was fun to watch what they bought and see the last lame item they had to buy with $125 or so. lol

Goldenrod said...

She not only had to win THAT particular puzzle plus the final one, she also had to come out at the near end of the game with the most $$ winnings and not ever land on "bankrupt" ... all sorts of shenanigans to be gone through. I'm so glad you got to see it!

And no, I don't remember contestants 'shopping' ... that would have been before my nearly 18 lost TV-watching years when I was driving a taxicab! I must not have been a Wheel Watcher then, huh?

(Actually, I kind of like the idea of the contestants getting to go home with their winnings instead of being forced to spend them on items they really might not want.)

Tammy said...

Say a contestant won $4392 in a round, there would be a "room" that turned on a little turn thingy. And a whole bunch of stuff would be in that room that related to each other. For instance it might be a bedroom theme and the contestant would buy a bed for x amount of dollars and then some decorations for x, etc. And the contestant would "shop" until all the money was used up. And the last item bought was always the lowest costing item. Like a lamp for $49 or a stuffed bird for $32, or some other silly thing. Some rooms would have trips, too. Anyway, the shopping would only take less than a minute and the money would be used up.

If I were a CONTESTANT I'd prefer to take the $ home. As a VIEWER I thought it was more fun to watch them shop. lol

Wow, that was really a long time ago.

We aren't huge tv fans at our home, and probably only turn on Wheel once or twice a month, so I'm surprised we caught it the other night to watch that lady win. It was kind of fun. A million dollars....amazing!

Tammy said...

I should also mention that each round the phrase was quite long. There were less rounds because of that, and the winner of each round usually won more than they do per round these days.

Also, Pat and Vanna started Wheel, and Pat left for a short while - couple of years or so- and came back. Vanna's been there the entire time.

Goldenrod said...

I think the reason Pat left (and I didn't realize he did, cuz I was driving a taxicab at the time and not watching Wheel at all) was because he had his own (short-lived) late night talk show. I actually caught that a time or two ... liked it, for the most part.

He and Vanna complement each other very well, I think.