Thursday, October 23, 2008

Been there done that

Spent just a touch less than an hour much earlier today with someone from Dr. Bauer's office trying to get my e-mail account straightened out.

Don't know if it is or not. I'll wait for his next e-mail to try and come through before I can report whether or not it has been!

I have a great big bandaid on my left cheek. Yes, I said 'cheek'!

What happened to the spot on my nose? Good question.

He looked at it under his splendiferous ultra lighting and magnifying glass and said, "It's nothing. Just an oil gland gone wild." (Those are not his actual words. They are mine.)

But then he asked, "What's this?" (Pointing to a spot on my left cheek that I had 'picked' within the last 24 hours. I'm a picker, what can I tell you?)

Some novocaine, incisement (for a biopsy), and a pressure bandaid later, I'm here to tell you -- after I then had him look at a couple of other 'spots' on my forehead that I've been madly picking away at -- I look like "Gorgeous Goldenrod!"

Actually, he didn't do anything with the spots on my forehead. Advised me to stop picking -- I've ALways been advised to 'stop picking' -- and see what they look like in another week or two.

Blood pressure was checked. Nurse took it twice. First time it read 160. Next time 154.

Now, I had taken it myself (with my wrist monitor, which appears to be working correctly, thank the good Lord) earlier this morning. It read 138. Shortly after I arrived at the doctor's office I took it again, and it read 143.

In between the 160 and 154 readings, it read 151. (It has NEVER read that high at home!!) Talk about going to the doctor to make your blood pressure rise, huh?

Let's see, what else?

Oh yes, he took a cursory looksee through the fairly extensive list of ophthalmologists who are currently under contract in the WellCare program, and one name in particular caught his attention. SO, we might be 'all set' for that! More later, on down the road.

Suffice it to say that I 'survived' another doctor's visit ... ... barely.


Chuck said...

I've been under doctor's care for high blood pressure for over 30 years (inherited from both parent's) and what you just described might be "White coat fever" where just being in the doctor's office raises the pressure. Decades ago, doctors discouraged patients from taking/tracking their own pressure at home. Now they mostly encourage it!

Goldenrod said...

Hi, Chuck!

Loved your "white coat fever" description! Am pretty sure that's what my symptoms are indicative of!!

Dr. Bauer insisted some months back that I purchase a wrist monitor to keep track of my own blood pressure readings at home.

I'd always thought that I had LOW blood pressure. What do I know, right?

Oh, BTW! The nurse asked me (after the 1st reading) if I was taking my pills. I responded, "Do you mean the calcium pills?" Ha!!