Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More scattered thoughts

Mostly on Ike, I'm sorry about that. I'll try and sneak in one or two other items that are not Ike-related. We'll see.

Schools ...

are almost all back in session, except for Galveston and the areas immediately around Kemah (Seabrook, for example).

Galveston ...

The beaches are open -- Navy must have done its job! It's "at your own risk", of course. (Question: Who would want to go swimming in the Gulf right now with all the debris that is almost certain to be floating around or just below the surface out there?)

Power restoration ...

As of last night, there were still 114,000 Centerpoint customers without power!! "Mostly in the heavily-wooded areas," said Centerpoint. Supposedly, there are still 12,000 workers working 16-hour shifts daily to try and correct the problem/s.

Gas prices ...

continue to fall. However, last night (driving home from playing bridge) I noticed a 40 cent per gallon differential -- same type/brand of gas, just different locations. You really have to do your homework, don't you?

Florida's regulations ...

Shoot! Can't find my notes on this one, but I'm pretty sure I heard that FL's legislators passed a law requiring that gas stations have their own generators.

That sounds really good to me!

There was plenty of gas at stations all around the Houston area following Ike, but they had no power to work the pumps!!

Boliver Peninsula ...

Three more bodies were found just this past couple of days -- one washed ashore, two found beneath rubble.

If you will look at a Texas map in detail, the Boliver Peninsula is located just across from Galveston and goes for many miles.

Those folks have been historically on record for not evacuating, for being tough, for facing up to and withstanding any storm. They were among the 90-some helicoptered off of their roofs, as I mentioned in an earlier post.

I do not know how many more bodies might be found. Search dogs were called off a few days ago because they were being bitten so badly by mosquitoes.

Many are missing. My thoughts and prayers -- and I know that yours do, too! -- go out to them and their families.

Local television stations ...

are all now back on the air, except for Channel 33 (Conroe, I think). Channel 14 just got back on last night, but there was no way I could stay up to watch The Shoes of the Fisherman, with Anthony Quinn. Wanted to, but sleepysand called. Wonderful film!

Channel 26 has, for the past week or so, been running what they call "Ike Interruption Theater", airing popular shows that did not run because of the ongoing hurricane and its aftermath coverage.

Sorry, guys! Guess there's nothing really here but Ike and more Ike. Hopefully, this will be the last one that I will feel obligated to post.


Tammy said...

People still without power? Oh, my heart goes out to them as well as all the others affected by Ike.

Goldenrod said...

How's that old saying go ... "Out of sight, out of mind" ... ?

We're so close to it here, Tammy. Although we're pretty much back to regular programming -- both television and radio, there are still MANY special reports and updates airing locally that are no longer making national news.

Obvious reasons ... We are not the center of the world -- or even the United States, for that matter, tho we might THINK we are!

When it's happening to you, you are the center of your world. When it's happening to me, I am the center of my world.

And so it goes, doesn't it?

I really don't want to keep inundating all y'all with Ike's aftermath updates, but feel an obligation to my fellow Texans who are really hurting to do so.

Goldenrod said...

Now the number is down to "only" 4500 or so without power. All in heavily wooded areas and isolated cases, Centerpoint says.

Traffic lights still out in the majority of the city ... VERY dangerous!

I keep changing the spelling of "Bolivar/Boliver". Every time I see it on television, it's spelled differently from the way I last changed it. I give up.